S-400 Missile System, Russia Ready To Supply India


Russia signed a deal with India to deliver S-400 triumf anti aircraft missile system. Russia today said that, it was preparing to supply S-400 anti aircraft missile systems to India and both the government were simply discussing the terms.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told the media that, ” Precontract preprations are underway on the supplies of S-400 anti aircraft missile complexes to India.

Russian Official agency, TASS while quoting Rogozin told that, ” It is difficult to say yet how much time they will take. There is an agreement between Governments and now we are simply discussing the terms.

The Russian S-400 triumf anti aircraft missile is considered to be the most advanced surface to air missile system in the world. It can fire 3 types of missile and simultaneously engage 36 targets. It is capable of destroying drones at range of upto 400 kms. It is designed to knockdown aerodynamic flying targets. India needs a modern and effective air defense system, the supply of S-400 Triumf will radically change the face and structure of India’s Defense capabilities.

India had announced on October 15 last year a deal on Triumf anti aircraft missile system from Russia, worth over $5 million, and collaborate in making four state of art frigates beside setting up a joint production facility for making Kmaov Helicopters.