Saurabh Wants All Party Panel To Probe, Gopal Rai Ask EC For EVM Hackathon Date


On Tuesday,   Election Commission said the Aam Aadmi Party  demonstrated in Delhi Assembly on prototype of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and not on Election Commission of India EVMs. This comes just after when AAP MLA Saurabh Bharadwaj, earlier at a special session of the Delhi Assembly demonstrated that how it is possible to manipulate the  EVMs machine during voting process. He showed that how it was for aan simple task for an engineering graduate while considering  himself he said, to hack a voting machine and challenged scientists to prove him wrong.

According to NDTV, the Election Commission challenged AAP to participate in its upcoming ‘Hackathon process ‘ which will be going to be held at the end of May. However, NDTV Asked  the sources that when confronted with a genuine voting machine, Kejriwal’s party will fail at proving it can be tampered. In response to it AAP in said it was ready to take up the EC  challenge of hackathon. Bhardwaj said,” I would ask the Election Commission  to give us their EVMs, if it is not tampered and We can easily  change the motherboard in 90 seconds.

As after a demonstration of the EVM tampering was conducted by Aam Aadmi Party leader. On Tuesday   Saurabh Bharadwaj during the special day long session of the Delhi Assembly.  Kejriwal alleged tampering of EVMs poses a real threat to the country. Earlier, Kejriwal had  blamed the party loss electionsin Punjab to the rigging of voting machines. Saurabh Bhardwaj, told the Assembly that he had  BTech degree in computer science and that he had worked on microprocessors and micro-controllers. He added ” if an ordinary engineering graduate like me can manipulate an EVM by working on it for just 10 to 15 days then any expert can easily perform that task without much effort.”

He said this the hacking of EVM was possible only with a secret code that is assigned to every constituency party and claimed that  everything is done fairly before the voting begins but after 10 am they activate the code, which ensures that all the votes that was casted will go to one particular candidate. The Election Commission claimed  that EVM machines  are tamper proof and  challenged that to be proven otherwise by parties making allegations about doing fraud by machines.

Both BSP and AAP leveled allegations of EVM manupilation during the  assembly elections in five states recently and  the EC had  denied that the machines can be manipulated. But still the BSP and the AAP alleged that the EVMs used in the February March assembly polls were manipulated to caste vote  in favour of the BJP only because the Muslim areas under smajwadi party is won by BJP this time.

For all the doubts on efficacy of EVM  machines, the Election commission  announced an EVM hackathon and the dates for which will be announced after all party meeting which is sechduled  on May 12. All  recognised parties have been invited to depute their representatives for the EVM hackathon and the whole program  will be hosted at the Election commission  headquarters.