Flab to Fab: Sangeeta Chatterji Lost 33 Kgs by Herself


They say ‘those who try, never fail’ and seems like Sangita Chatterjee Bisoyi is a strong believer of that. Sangita, who was suffering from thyroid, PCOD (Critical), insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, sinus, high cholesterol and severe depression, started approaching doctors and nutritionists for the solution to her problems but her doctor told her that she has to live with her obesity. Unlike the others, she didn’t get demotivated after listening to her doctor but decided to fight against her excess weight. Once she went on her way to fight against her excess weight, she did not only lose 33 kgs but became became a certified nutritionist. Let’s take a look on inspirational story of Sangita.

Sangeeta Chatterji

Sangita, once, whose highest weight recorded was 88 kg lost 33 kg because of the strong determination of loosing weight. She was suffering from so many problems (mentioned above). One day she went to the doctor and asked a doctor about her problem and the possible way out. Instead of giving her hope, he sympathized with her and asked her to live with it. That’s the turning point where she decided to fight against her health issues. Then she studied nutrition, got in-depth knowledge of the subject and ultimately, cured all her ailments.In an interview with TOI, she shared all her secrets from her diet to her motivation for loosing weight.

Her breakfast: Roti with egg white/ idli sambar/ poha/ cheese toast/ peanut butter toast

Her lunch: Salad + roti, sabji & dal/ brown rice with fish curry/chicken curry

Her dinner: Salad + roti, dal & sabji/ brown rice, dal with veggies/besan chilla/ quinoa pulao with curd

She keep on snacking every 2 hours with buttermilk/ coconut water/ fistful of dry fruits/ bhuna chana/ fruit.

She also said that,” I indulge in everything I like once in a month, but I make sure to zip my lip by 6:30 pm that day. I don’t drink or smoke, so any such indulgence is ruled out.”

When asked about her workour routine she replied that, “Initially I started with one hour of walking. After reducing 10 kgs, I started one hour of exercise (mix of cardio and strength training) six days a week. If I skip gym for any reason, I compensate it with walking.”

She also added that, “One shouldn’t starve or skip meals to lose weight. You have to eat everything in moderation to lose weight and stay healthy. Eat something every two hours to increase BMR and this helps you to reduce weight as well. Your body is primarily made in your kitchen and not in the gym.”

Sangita Chatterji

Her motivation for loosing weight is very great, she get motivated by shopping, she told TOI that,  “I shop often to keep myself motivated. I buy clothes one size less than usual and try to make myself fit into it at the earliest. A healthy body is a necessity just like food, air or water.” and she also added that, ” I believe that you earn your body. I don’t want to go back to my earlier self. I keep reminding myself this to stay focused.”

When asked, what lifestyle changes she made in the process of loosing weight, she said that,” I eat my breakfast within one hour of getting up. Also, I eat every two hours. I always go for healthy options in every meal. I include salad, fruit and nuts in my diet. Exercising six days a week for an hour is a must for me. I drink plenty of water. Last, but not the least, I eat an early and light dinner.”

While sharing her bad experience about his weight she said that, “When I was suffering from morbid obesity with lots of health issues and was clueless about how to recover, I gave up my professional career and interests. I had a miscarriage and underwent acute depression and found myself utterly useless in society and relationships.” and that is why she believes that, that you earn your body. Living with health issues not only gives you physical but mental stress as well.

10 years from now she want to be an internationally recognised nutritionist engaged in public awareness and help people achieve a healthy body.