Women, ATTENTION! Eat More Vegetables for Lowering Down the Risk of Early Menopause


There are many factors which makes women experience menopause way before they are supposed to face it. Otherwise known as climacteric, this particular condition basically affects women who are at 40s-50s. Menopause is a condition wherein due to hormonal changes menstrual cycle stops in woman and they no more remain capable of conceiving baby or what we call Pregnancy.In case of some women the cycle may get irregular before ending eventually, others may just get to experience sudden stoppage. Research points at the increasing number of menopause issue in women all round the world with huge number of women becoming prey to menopause at early stage.

While the beginning of a medical conditions may also become the reason of early menopause, in most of the cases this condition can also be an outcome of hormonal imbalance or various lifestyle factors. Insufficient diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper sleep, as well as consumption  of excessive alcohol along with smoking may effect this particular condition.

Early menopause is the end of ovarian function before the age of 45 – affects almost 10 % of women all round the globe and is associated with huge risk of cardiovascular disease, early cognitive decline and osteoporosis.

Very minor changes in your lifestyle can go a long way for the prevention of the risk of early menopause, your daily diet can also play a vital role for offsetting all the ill effects of harmful lifestyle and the related hormonal changes. University of Massachusetts Amherst, US experts have found that a diet with rich vitamin D and calcium will help you in avoiding the risk of early menopause in many women. Another study that is been published by the experts of University of Massachusetts Amherst and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health it is found that addition of food items such as soy, brown rice barley, and oats in your everyday diet may keep a women away from the risk of early menopause.

As per the experiment done on almost 1 lakh women, those members who get about 6% of their daily calorie from the intake of vegetable protein were around 16% less vulnerable to facing early menopause.

Some main things that you should keep in mind for avoiding the risk of early menopause will surely include avoiding smoking and consumption of alcohol; maintaining proper sleep as well as taking enough vitamin D, protein, calcium, fibre and omega 3. Consume less caffeine and go for regular exercising.