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US Navy Collision off Japan’s Coast, 7 Sailors Missing


The US Navy and Japanese coast guard reported that seven sailors went missing and no less than 2, including the captain, were injured after a US destroyer bumped with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan before sunrise on Saturday. The video from the Japanese TV network NHK showed serious damage to the mid-right side of the USS Fitzgerald and a person on a stretcher being lifted into the helicopter.  The US 7TH Fleet said in a statement that the first Commander Bryce Benson was taken to the US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka and was in a stable condition.

It added that another injured individual was being evacuated, but no more details on the crew’s injuries. Others harmed in the crash were also being evacuated. The Fitzgerald had restricted force after suffering damage on the starboard side underneath the water line and a US defense official said that there was flooding in three compartments. It was still not clear about the reason of the nighttime collision between the destroyer and the container ship of four times its size. The most of the majority of more than 200 sailors would have been sleeping in their berthing, some of which supposedly overflowed. The Navy Chief Adm. John Richardson said that the Navy, Japanese maritime defense vessels, and the coast guard were attempting to balance the destroyer as it gone to shore.

The Navy said that the crash happened 56 nautical miles (103 kilometers) southwest of Yokosuka, which is home to the Seventh Fleet. The footage also showed that the damaged ship was moving bit by bit in calm seas, bordered by a tugboat. “Right now we are focused on two things: the safety of the ship and the well-being of the sailors,” said Adm. Scott Swift, commander of the US Pacific Fleet. The Japan coast guard said that it received a crisis call from Philippine-registered container ship ACX Crystal around (2:00 am) that it had bumped with the Fitzgerald southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. The family members of the crew members were eagerly waiting for the news of their friends and family. Rita Schrimsher said by telephone from Athens, Alabama that “Of course we’re nervous and scared and just praying”.

Her grandson Jackson Schrimsher is a 23-year old sailor on board the Fitzgerald. She said that she last spoke to him through Facebook Messenger on Wednesday. The Takeshi Aikawa of Japan coast guard said that so far no harm or damages reported on the container ship, he said. The NHK reported that the trader ship had scratches on the left side of its bow. The coast guard said that the Philippine ship is 29,060 tons and is 222 meters (730 feet) long. The Navy said the USS Dewey, medicinal help, Navy tugs and naval aircraft were dispatched. The Japan coast guard dispatched five patrol ships and aircraft carrying doctors to the site for search and save operations. The Navy’s Pacific Fleet said the level of harm to the Fitzgerald was being checked and the incident was under inspection.

1993 Mumbai Serial Blasts: Why Abu Salem is Expected to Escape the Death Sentence


On Friday, a special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court convicted six men – Salem, Mustafa Dossa, Firoz Khan, Tahir Merchant, Karimullah Shaikh, Riyaz Siddique as guilty and acquitted Qayyum Shaikh. The TADA court also had avoided from giving him death in a murder case owing to an extradition accord. The prosecution is probably going to seek the death penalty for Dossa, Khan, and Merchant, yet they will most likely be not capable of doing as such for Salem owing to an extradition settlement between India and Portugal.

Mumbai Blast

In 2015, he escaped in a murder case in the same special court of Judge GA Sanap. The authorities of Portugal had permitted his extradition in 2005 just on one condition that he won’t be given the death penalty or be jailed for over 25 years. While convicting Salem for murdering builder Pradeep Jain, the judge had observed that “it is a very ticklish issue and as such warrants a very difficult and balancing exercise. The pride and prestige of our country are involved. Therefore, if any decision is taken contrary to the spirit of the Indian laws, and also contrary to the spirit of the solemn sovereign assurance given by the then Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani and understood by the Supreme Court of Justice, Portugal in its judgment dated 27/01/2005, then very serious repercussions could follow.”

Mumbai Blast 1993

Salem and his better half were facing custody for entering Portugal criminally and living there. The murder of the builder was one of the eight cases for which Salem was extradited. The then special public prosecutor, Ujjwal Nikam, had looked for the death penalty. But after that, considering the provisions of section 34C of the Extradition Act in India, Nikam insisted a lifelong sentence for Salem. As per the Section 34C, on the account of extradition from a country which does not have a death penalty, if the crime is punishable with it, then instead of it, the accused is liable to lifetime imprisonment.  The advocate of Salem had then battled as per the sovereign assurance was given by the Centre, Salem couldn’t have been sentenced under the charge of section 120 (B) (Conspiracy) and can’t be given imprisonment for more than 25 years. The demand for the death penalty or life detainment is a violation of the extradition order.

The court had mulled over the observation made by the Supreme Court of Justice, Portugal in its request date January 27, 2005. The order perused as “given that the government of Indian union cannot guarantee that such a sentence will not be applied by its (independent) courts, one can only request it to provide a guarantee that, should such a sentence be imposed, then in order to restrict it, it will resort to all legal measures available for pardon, reprieve, respite or remission of punishment or similar measure of punishment.”

However, the court convicted Salem for murder and sections under TADA to lifetime jail. While the agreement says that Salem can’t be jailed for more than 25 years, the court had observed that “the Union of India in its domain, particularly the executives in their wisdom and domain would be free to exercise its power and the matter of execution of the sentence by the court.”

Kochi's First Metro is all Set to Take its First Ride, Inauguration by PM Modi


Kochi is going to have its first metro. Today PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Kochi’s metro and will also take a ride on one of the trains in the fastest-built Metro in the country. The Kochi metro is going to be the first public transport system to reserve jobs for members of the third sex and it will be manned mainly by women a self-help group.

PM, Modi will board the Kochi metro from Palarivattom station to Pathadipplam and will return to Palarivattom. Then he will proceed to Kaloor international stadium, the venue of the inaugural ceremony. The Metro train, which the Prime Minister will board, will be wrapped in a design representing the beauty of Kochi and the state. It touches upon the rural life in the state and is complete with the `Pappanji‘ of Kochi, monuments, festivals and other spectacular sights from Kerala.

Kochi Metro Station

On the occassion of Kochi Metro inauguration, it is expected that PM, Modi will share  the dais with the Metro’s main architect E Sreedharan, whose name is doing the rounds as a possible nominee for India’s next President.

The Metro has employed 23 transgenders in various departments based on their qualifications. Selected after a written test and interview, they were given three-month training. More workers from the community will be inducted after gauging their success, said Kerala Metro Rail Limited managing director Elias George.

“We are really excited. It will open a new window for us. With this, we hope other institutions and organisations open their doors for us,” said Raga Ranjini, a post-graduate who will be manning a ticket counter in one of the stations.

She said the Metro will help them earn respect and change the living conditions of the third sex.

It is also the county’s first fully integrated metro. With one ticket, a commuter can travel in feeder services along road and water.

Besides this, the Metro has installed solar panels atop all stations to tap green energy. Once fully operational, the Metro’s entire power demand will be met by these panels.

In the first phase, trains will operate for a distance of 13 km – Aluva to Palarivattom. There are 11 stations in the 13-km stretch that will be covered in 20 minutes. Later, it will be extended to Maharajas College. Construction for the first phase began in 2012 after the Oommen Chandy government entrusted the work to the DMRC with Sreedharan as its principal advisor.

French ambassador to India Alexandre Ziegler and German ambassador to India Dr Martin Nay will attend the inaugural function of Kochi Metro. The city police confirmed that both the diplomats have reached the city on Friday. French and German funding agencies are actively involved in the development of Kochi Metro and Kochi Water Metro respectively. Sources said the ambassadors are expected to take a ride on the Metro when the inaugural event is over.

Battle for Philippine City Marawi, Attacked by ISIS


The fears are developing for the residents caught in the besieged Philippines city of Marawi following reports that those escaping battling between ISIS-aligned militants and government forces experience as many as 100 dead bodies. On the southern island of Mindanao, Marawi has been under attack for weeks, after taking a shock attack by Islamic militants faithful to Abu Sayyaf commander Isnilon Hapilon in May.

While stressing the reports hadn’t verified independently, assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong said, “They have told us that the estimated number of dead bodies scattered around the encounter area is more (or) less a hundred.” He said that the number “needs to be verified first since retrieval operations have no access to these areas where (an) intense firefight is taking place”. “Personal accounts of witnesses, trapped residents who managed to walk to safety crossing the bridge,” he added.

Outstretched Conflict

It was still not clear from the records that whether the bodies were of regular people or militants killed in conflicts as government troops clash to regain control of the last neighborhoods still under Abu Sayyaf and Maute control. The fight to eliminate hundreds of ISIS-affiliated militants, mostly from the locally based Maute group, however, associated with the Abu Sayyaf Group of militants has hinted a little sign of resolution as the third week of combating carries on.

The task force spokesperson LTC Jo-Ar Herrera told CNN through a text message that 26 residents had been killed by the Maute militants, in spite of the fact he didn’t expand on how many may have died in government bombardments of Maute locations. The Herrera said that 207 attackers have been killed so far, and 58 government troops had died. He also added that 1,619 civilians had been saved so far.

Ghost Town

Froilan Gallardo, a journalist with Mindanao-based Minda News spent the recent three weeks in and around Marawi and explained the once-thriving city as a “Ghost Town”. He says that only a bunch of residents of the city’s estimated 200,000 populations remain, and large areas of Marawi, particularly the downtown commercial district, are ‘devastated’ by the government bombardments. The local Mayor said to CNN on Monday that around 1,000 civilians were caught in the city. Gallardo revealed to the CNN that Philippines forces were “trying to get (the militants) out by bombing the place around the clock even though there are still civilians (in the conflict zone)”. He also said that he chatted with a few people who had recently escaped. One named as ‘Joel Pormilo’, a furniture maker in Marawi, said that his boss had protected him and 15 other employees for two weeks before they came up short of food.

“Then they tried to escape (early Tuesday morning) to go to the government lines, but one of the nephews of the owner was hit by ISIS guns,” in spite of waving a white banner of surrender. Others in the group also died. “There was so much firing, only four of them made it to safety.  They jumped into the river and swam downstream around 3 to 4 o’clock in the morning. They swam downstream for 2 to 3 kilometers (1 to 2 miles) and ran to the government bunker,” Gallardo said. The owner Omar Ghani was hailed by the militants, who inquired him if he was a Muslim, Gallardo revealed. “(The) ISIS gunmen gave him two choices, join them or be killed. So he joined.”

Maute relative captured

According to a statement from Eastern Mindanao Command (EMC), a suspected bomb-creator, who is a cousin of the scandalous Maute brothers, Omar and Abdullah, has been arrested in the close-by city of Cagayan de Oro. Mohammad Maute, an Arabic educator in Marawi and suspected member of the Maute group, was captured at his leased home on Thursday morning local time (Wednesday evening ET).

A statement said, “EMC is expecting more arrests in the coming days as tracking and monitoring are intensified against the persons listed in the two orders of arrest issued by the Martial Law Administrator.” A joint police and military raid got Maute after a “concerned citizen” remembered him from wanted posters. He agreed that his relationship with the Maute brothers, whose group is mainly responsible for the attack on the Mindanao city.

Australian Journalist shot

The media outlet reported that ABC’s Southeast Asia journalist, Adam Harvey, is recovering from the surgery in Manila Thursday after being shot in the neck while reporting from the city. The Australian was in a zone considered to be a safe zone when he was struck, the ABC reported. He described the effect to ABC as like being “hit in the neck with a cricket ball” and added that he thought he’d been hit with a touch of shrapnel.

“Then I was taken to a medical center and they took me for observation at another hospital, then they did X-rays and discovered … I’d actually been shot in the neck with a bullet and the bullet was still in my neck. But luckily it missed everything important and it just got lodged behind my jaw,” he added.

How it started

On May 23, the Maute militants raged Marawi, conflicting with government troops and inciting President Rodrigo Duterte to announce martial law in Mindanao. While the ISIS media wing, Amaq Agency, put out a statement announcing that “fighters of the Islamic State launch a wide-scale offensive on positions of Philippine troops in the city of Marawi”. The ISIS-linked groups in the semi-lawless border areas between the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia are comprised of fighters from some different countries.

The attack on Marawi unfurled as Muslims worldwide started to mark the holy month of Ramadan. Whereas the Philippines are mainly Catholic, Mindanao has a greater Muslim population. As the battling goes on, deadline after deadline set by the Philippines government for the end of the clash has been missed, including a promise to end the fighting by last Monday, the nation’s Independence Day. On Saturday, a presidential spokesperson said that it would take no less than two more weeks to clear the embattled city.

Delhi University UG Course Admission, Application Starts Today


Delhi University every year hold the online entrance exam, And this year across 18 states in our country DU is going to conduct the entrance exam for the admission of 9 under graduate courses. The online registration process will start from today (16 June) after 6 pm.

Previously it was announced that the application process was to commence from 31st May, 2017 but somehow it got delayed for 15 days. So from today onward the online registration process for DU entrance 2017 will start.

Till last year DU conducted Joint Admission Test (JAT) only for the three courses i.e

  • BMS
  • BBA(FIA)
  • BA in Business  Economics

But from this year onward DU will be conducting the DU entrance for all the nine courses which are as following:

  • Bachelor Of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis)
  • B.A (Hons.) Business Economics
  • B.A (Hons.) Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EI.Ed)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Health Education & Sports: B.Sc. (P.E., H.E. & S.)
  • B.A (Hons.) Multimedia and Mass communication
  • B.Tech (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations)
  • B.A (Hons.) Music.

Online entrance test will be conducted only for the eight major courses and for the B.A(Hons.) Music Program the exam will be based on the practical admission test, which will be held in Delhi University, in the Department of Music, in front of the faculty of Music & Fine Arts.

As per previous year record, the academic session 2016-17, the seats were divided into following ways:

  • 415 seats in BMS
  • 90 seats in BBS
  • 488 seats in BA Business Economics.

And all the admissions in DU are done on the basis of marks only.  As per last years DU Joint Admission Test  admissions were done by giving equal weight-age to the marks qualifying exam and entrance test.

DU for its JAT has no prescribed syllabus of format for the entrance exam. The questions will be totally based on following:

  • General English
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Reasoning & Analytical Ability
  • Business & General Awareness sections

Students can go through the official  website of DU entrance exam 2017 for more information.