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Flab to Fab: Sangeeta Chatterji Lost 33 Kgs by Herself


They say ‘those who try, never fail’ and seems like Sangita Chatterjee Bisoyi is a strong believer of that. Sangita, who was suffering from thyroid, PCOD (Critical), insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, sinus, high cholesterol and severe depression, started approaching doctors and nutritionists for the solution to her problems but her doctor told her that she has to live with her obesity. Unlike the others, she didn’t get demotivated after listening to her doctor but decided to fight against her excess weight. Once she went on her way to fight against her excess weight, she did not only lose 33 kgs but became became a certified nutritionist. Let’s take a look on inspirational story of Sangita.

Sangeeta Chatterji

Sangita, once, whose highest weight recorded was 88 kg lost 33 kg because of the strong determination of loosing weight. She was suffering from so many problems (mentioned above). One day she went to the doctor and asked a doctor about her problem and the possible way out. Instead of giving her hope, he sympathized with her and asked her to live with it. That’s the turning point where she decided to fight against her health issues. Then she studied nutrition, got in-depth knowledge of the subject and ultimately, cured all her ailments.In an interview with TOI, she shared all her secrets from her diet to her motivation for loosing weight.

Her breakfast: Roti with egg white/ idli sambar/ poha/ cheese toast/ peanut butter toast

Her lunch: Salad + roti, sabji & dal/ brown rice with fish curry/chicken curry

Her dinner: Salad + roti, dal & sabji/ brown rice, dal with veggies/besan chilla/ quinoa pulao with curd

She keep on snacking every 2 hours with buttermilk/ coconut water/ fistful of dry fruits/ bhuna chana/ fruit.

She also said that,” I indulge in everything I like once in a month, but I make sure to zip my lip by 6:30 pm that day. I don’t drink or smoke, so any such indulgence is ruled out.”

When asked about her workour routine she replied that, “Initially I started with one hour of walking. After reducing 10 kgs, I started one hour of exercise (mix of cardio and strength training) six days a week. If I skip gym for any reason, I compensate it with walking.”

She also added that, “One shouldn’t starve or skip meals to lose weight. You have to eat everything in moderation to lose weight and stay healthy. Eat something every two hours to increase BMR and this helps you to reduce weight as well. Your body is primarily made in your kitchen and not in the gym.”

Sangita Chatterji

Her motivation for loosing weight is very great, she get motivated by shopping, she told TOI that,  “I shop often to keep myself motivated. I buy clothes one size less than usual and try to make myself fit into it at the earliest. A healthy body is a necessity just like food, air or water.” and she also added that, ” I believe that you earn your body. I don’t want to go back to my earlier self. I keep reminding myself this to stay focused.”

When asked, what lifestyle changes she made in the process of loosing weight, she said that,” I eat my breakfast within one hour of getting up. Also, I eat every two hours. I always go for healthy options in every meal. I include salad, fruit and nuts in my diet. Exercising six days a week for an hour is a must for me. I drink plenty of water. Last, but not the least, I eat an early and light dinner.”

While sharing her bad experience about his weight she said that, “When I was suffering from morbid obesity with lots of health issues and was clueless about how to recover, I gave up my professional career and interests. I had a miscarriage and underwent acute depression and found myself utterly useless in society and relationships.” and that is why she believes that, that you earn your body. Living with health issues not only gives you physical but mental stress as well.

10 years from now she want to be an internationally recognised nutritionist engaged in public awareness and help people achieve a healthy body.

China is Developing World's Fastest Amphibious Fighting Vehicle


World’s fastest developing armoured amphibious  vehicle in found in China that reaches  a top speed of 50 kilometres in a hour when they are running in calm waters.
While there are many more other amphibious armoured vehicles in the world, most of them move are very slowly in the water.

The armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) has been built by The North China Institute of Vehicle Research that can attain a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour in the  calm waters and this speed would make the AFV, the fastest amphibious military vehicle of the world. Even with the armour and the weapons on a production version, it  still look like  to reach a unthinkable amphibious speeds of not less than 19 to 28 kilometres per hour.

By comparing  it with the Iveco/BAE SuperAV, the  amphibious AFV which is  proposed by the US Marine Corps will be consider as a  top amphibious having a speed of about 9 kilometres in a hour. The  amphibious AFV of China  can retract their wheels against the underside of its hull. It is in  v-shaped hull to make reduce the  water drag.

According to PopSci reports they achieved their high  record beating  speed with compact pump jets, along with the retracting their wheels toward the hull to make less  drag.
The proof of the concept vehicle has in very  light weight (about 5.5 tonnes without armour or the  installed weapons) that allows it to be in particularly speedy.

9 Special Indian Forces You Don't Know About, That Makes India Proud


India, a country where legends are born, where history lies in the roots of the country, whose traditions and culture make it special, is one of the seventh largest country in the world. India never fails to amaze the world by the hidden talents that Indian people hold in them. Be it cricket, science, technology, literature or any other field, India has always produced gems in every field. India is a land of various cultures and religion which makes India much more beautiful. Diversity in cultures, fill India with the colors of love, joy, happiness and selfhood. When the country is so good, it also has enemies, who always try to attack the integrity of India and try to spread terrorism in the country, but with all the blessings of Indian army, we all are safe and secure in our country. Let’s take a moment to recognize and thanks all the Special Security forces that works under the direct command of Indian Army. There are total 9 Special Commando forces who safeguards the boundaries from the enemies.

NSG Commandos

  1. National Security Force (NSG):- NSG often known as NSG black cat commandos because of the black uniform and black cat nsignia worn on their uniforms, is a special unit of Indian Militiary, which works under the Ministry of Home Affairs.It was formed in 1984 after operation ‘Blue Star’ and assisnation of the then Prime Minister, ‘Indira Gandhi.’ This force was formed to combat terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances. The NSG Commandos are the best in India and rank amongst the top 5 in the world of elite special forces. The initial training period for NSG commandos last for 90 days.Only those who successfully complete the entire course are inducted into the NSG and undergo nine months of advanced training. After the 9 month training period, the next steps leads to probationary period, where 50-70% of the candidates drop out because of very hard and tough training. These are trained to shoot in head and that too 2 shots at a single go. They also go through inoculation program, where they have to stand right next to the target and the other commando shoots the target and they don’t even wear any safety gadgets during that drill.
    Op Agni Baan – Punjab terrorists were holed up inside a house in Baroda where terrorists were killed and their weapons recovered. Op Ghost Buster – 51 SAG was deployed with SIT for search and strike missions after the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.Op Sudarshan – 51 SAG was deployed at Ayodhya during Demolition of Babri Mosque. are few of the operations which NSG had done.
  2. Cobra CommandosCOBRA Commando Force:- COBRA force stands for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action, it is a special unit of CRPF ( Centeral Reserve Police Force) of India. They are specially trained for Guerrilla fight and Jungfle warfare. Originally established to counter Naxalites. Their moto is ‘Glory or Death.’ They are adapt in the art of camouflage and jungle warfare.Every personnel of CoBRA are trained for heli jump like the parachute regiment.  Few of the major operations that COBRA has performed are: During a special ops launched in Duli forest area in W/Midnapur distt. (WB) on 15–16 June 2010, 08 Maoists cadres were killed and a huge cache of arms/amns were recovered.During a special ops launched in Kayma forest area in W/Midnapur Distt. (WB) from 25–26 July 2010, 06 Maoists cadres were killed and a huge cache of arms/amns were recovered.In a special ops launched in Saranda forest area in Distt. – W/ Singhbhum, Jharkhand from 24–28 September 2010 Cobra teams were able to penetrate deep in forest and kill one Maoist, apprehend 4 Maoists cadres, bust 12 Maoist camps and recover of arms/amn/explosives.
  3. MARCOS CommandoMARCOS Commando Force:- It is a special unit of Indian Navy, earlier known as Marine Commando Force. It was established in 1987. It  is one of the best in the world, and comprises marine commandos who have been trained for special reconnaissance, direct action and all kinds of amphibious warfare. They are capable of jumping in water with the full combat load. The selection criteria for becoming a part of MARCOS is extremely high. Even if you are lucky enough to be selected, you have to go through a rigorous training which lasts almost three years. Mostly, men in their twenties are chosen for this profile.You can drop these men from the sky into the sea or on the land and expect them to unleash hell upon the enemies. They are trained in mountain warfare, desert warfare and guerilla warfare as well. The MARCOS sport a beard when undertaking civil unrests. This tactic was adopted from Israel and is called ‘ ista’arvim’. When they sport a beard and wear local Kashmiri suits called ‘Pheren’ the terrorist often mistake them as locals. Source
  4. Ghatak CommandosGhatak Force Commandos:- Ghatak Platoon, or Ghatak Commandos, is a special operations capable infantry platoon.  There is one platoon in every infantry battalion in the Indian Army.  Their role is to act as shock troops and conduct assaults against enemy positions, usually without support from the rest of the battalion.They can be tasked by the battalion or brigade commander to carry out tasks such as special reconnaissance, raids on enemy artillery positions, airfields, supply dumps and tactical headquarters.  Source
  5. Special Frontier Force
    Special Frontier Force:- SFF is a special paramilitary force of India, created in 1962. Its main goal originally was to conduct covert operations behind Chinese lines in the event of another Sino- Indian War. They work with RAW. It is composed primarily of Tibetans, but the Officer corps consists of Indian army officers. The main objective of this unit was to conduct cross border operations across the Tibetan border.  Saw heavy action in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war, in which their major ops involved destruction of bridges to stop the movement of Pakistani forces.
  6. Gaurd Commando
    Garud Commando Force:- The Garud Commando Force is the special forces unit of the Indian Air Force. It was formed in September 2004 and has a current strength of approximately 1080 personnel. The youngest special force of the services, Garud is a force multiplier raised with the intention of providing versatile military capability specific to the Indian Air force. Garuds have diverse responsibilities. Besides base protection force to protect airfields and key assets in hostile environments, some advanced Garud units are trained like Army Para Commandos and the Naval MARCOS to undertake missions deep behind enemy lines. Note, that the security of IAF installations like radars, airfields and other establishments in border areas is generally performed by the Air Force Police and the Defence Security Corps (DSC). Source
  7. Force One CommandoForce One Commando:-  Force One is an elite commando force, which is a specialised counter terrorism unit to guard the Mumbai metropolitan area, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, formed by Government of Maharastra on the lines of NSG. It was formed under Maharastra police, as a response to the 2008 mumbai terror attacks and was commissioned two days before its first anniversary.Special Protection Forces
  8. The Special Protection Forces:- The Special Protection Group is a security force of the Government of India that is responsible for the protection of the Prime Minister of India, the former Prime Ministers and members of their immediate family members. They have to gather intelligence, assess threats and provide protection. Their track record has been impeccable after the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and no attacks have been carried out on any Prime Minister ever since.
  9. Para CommandosPara Commandos:- Formed in 1966, the Para Commandos are part of the highly-trained Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army and are the largest part of the Special Forces of India. The parachute units of the Indian Army are among the oldest airborne units in the world.                                                                                                           We salute all the Brave Soldiers of India, who are sacrificing their lives for the pride and safety of the country.

Burglars Robbed Bank, Drilled a 2 Foot Hole in Strongroom of the Bank


Punjab National Bank, Modinagar Branch (Ghaziabad) suffered a great loss, when burglars, sometimes over a weekend drilled two-foot hole into the wall of the strongroom of the bank. They entered through the entry they made and stole valuables and money from 30 lockers. The exact amount of money that had been stolen is not confirmed yet but it can easily run into crores.

The branch is located on NH-58 and is adjacent to an L shaped plot on which sits an abandoned rubber factory. On this plot, an empty office is right behind where the bank’s strongroom is, sharing a common wall.

The burglars entered this office, and cut the hole in the common wall, which is about nine inches thick, at a height just above where the lockers end.

The loss was discovered when a bank staffer, Anil Bhargav, and the head cashier, Ajay Kumar, opened the strongroom on Monday around 9:45am.

Ajay Kumar, opened the strongroom which has two security doors.The steel door of the strongroom can be opened with a set of two keys, kept in the custody of these officials, only when they are inserted together into the keyholes.

After opening the steel door, the officials were about to open the next door which is an iron grille like those found in prisons. However, they noticed through the grille that things had been scattered inside the strongroom. They also noticed that several lockers seemed to have been broken. They immediately called up the police control room, They then informed the police about the robbery.

Bank officials said there has been no security guard at the bank. “The strongroom had been closed on Friday around 6pm. The bank was closed for two days after that. A security alarm is also installed inside the strongroom apart from a CCTV camera. Even if the alarm went off, there was no one to hear it since the bank was closed. There was no security guard at the branch. The branch depended on police patrol vehicles for security,” said S.K Pancholi, assistant general manager.

There are total 435 lockers in the bank out of which 96 are not in use at present, burglars managed to open only 30 lockers, but it is evident that they tried to open other lockers too. The burglars also stole a double-barrelled gun kept inside a steel cabinet inside the strongroom though the iron chest containing the bank’s cash reserves had been left untouched.

Senior officials of Ghaziabad police reached the bank after receiving the call, along with a forensic team and a dog squad. Fingerprints have been lifted from the scene.The bank operates out of a rented building which once belonged to the now-abandoned Modi Rubber Factory .According to officials, the building has now been sold to Haryana Distelleries which has continued with the rent agreement.

On the other side of the bank is a building which houses the office of Modi Spinning & Weaving Mills Employees’ Union. Cops used the ladder of a fire engine to enter the compound of the abandoned factory whose walls are at least 30-feet high.

According to cops, the room from which the burglars had drilled the hole contained a small steel almirah, a table and a typewriter which are also in derelict condition. Police said the burglars had broken the cement-concrete of the nine-inch-thick wall with the help of hammers and pickaxes while its steel frame was cut open with the help of blade saws. The equipment has been recovered by police from the spot.

Scores of anxious customers thronged the bank throughout Monday. Valuables worth crores are allegedly missing from the lockers.Many complained that their entire savings have vanished.

An FIR was registered in Modinagar police station on Monday on the basis of a complaint registered by bank officials.


No Investment in Technology by Telecom Industries Due to Financial Stress


Reliance Jio being still in demand have craze among people, The owner of Reliance Jio company Mukesh Ambani said to the Telecom companies on Monday not to invest much on the new technologies as they are behind in their own work, as the company is facing  financial difficulties instead of taking the matter seriously and working upon it, to over come the difficulties they are blaming themselves for the leveraging of balance sheet.

Reliance Jio is totally new in the competative market, After the Interministerial Group (IMG) met on Monday come to a conclusion that they need to increase there funds by selling stakes or can also invest in some new technology through internal accruals by which the funds of the company can be raised and it will provide stabelity to the market.

A senior official in Jio said that “by not including Jio the operators they need to invest Rs 1,25,000 as a pay back debt  and they also need to work in technology investment also just to go with the date, the growth keep taking place in the data section….. which they can sell to maintain the balance.”

The employees over there blame themselves for their financial stress according to them “its their own creation” one of the official over there said that the required policy intervention can be done by reducing the GST rates, licence free and USO levies. By applying all these things the financial stress can be reduced till an limit.

After the IMG meeting which was over after 45 minute, One of the Jio officer showing his concern for the company said that the lowering of levies or tax can procreate Rs 20,000 to 25,000 crore additional EBITDA for the industry.

Meetings have been done and the matters have been consulted in the IMG meeting taking the matter seriously efforts have been made by the employees to reduce the financial stress as the financial difficulties faced by the sector is the serious matter. The tele companies are reeling under a huge depth of Rs 4.6 lakh crore debt, which not a small amount for which they are facing pressure upon themselves to pay the revenue. And at the same time the competative market and profitable business along with the buring financial matter got more excessive entry of Jio.