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BJP Leaders Quit Over Castle Trade Ban in Meghalay


Bachu Marak, the BJP president from North Garo Hills district  has resigned from the party over the Centre’s ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter in market. This resignation comes four days after West Garo Hills district president Bernard Marak made an exit from the party on the same issue.

Last night, after resigning from the party, Bakchu said ,” I can’t  compromise on the emotions of the Garos. As it’s my responsibility to protect the interest of my community. It is part of our culture and tradition to eat beef. BJP’s  imposition as non secular ideology on us is not acceptable.”

Bachu Marak has submitted his resignation to state’s party president Shibun Lyngdoh. Marak proposed a bitchi known as rice beer and beef party in the Garo Hills recently  on his Facebook page to mark the three years of Modi government in office and had attracted party’s  criticism. Nalin Kohli, BJP spokesperson had warned of stringent action against Bachu.

Later, on another Facebook page, announcing his resignation from the party he said,” our cultures and tradition is my first priority and Party’s Last priority. Then Why Everytime the beef is the main  issue and why not chicken, pig, goat and other animals is an issue.

Bernard Marak  resigned from the party, who is organizing a beef party at the Eden Bari, Tura on June 10 and Bachu is expected to participate in the event. He said, ” In Tura, i will attend the beef party to register our voice against such moves.”

Tubelight Vs Bahubali 2, Will Salman be Able to Break Prabhas Record?


Salman Khan is prepared to give his fans a big Eid Gift. Salman Khan’s most awaited movie ‘tubelight‘ is all ready to spread its charm amongst the audience. The movie is directed by the most famous director of Bollywood ‘Kabir Khan’ and is a family drama movie, set -up in a small village in Northeastern hills. This film is an adaptation of Hollywood film ‘ Little Boy.’ Chinese actress Zhu-Zhu is playing a role against Salman and Martin Rey Thingy is a child actor, who is also the part of the movie.

As far as now, the trailer of the film is creating wonders on the screens and is giving expectations and hopes to the audience and especially his fans that this movie is going to be the biggest hit of the year.

Prabhas’s, Baahubali: The conclusion, is a biggest challenge for Salman’s tubelight and it will be very interesting to see that if Salman Khan’s movie can beat the record of Bhaaubali.

There are chances that Dabangg Khan’s movie might create records because this time Kabir Khan’s tubelight has planned something more interesting which will fill the audiences with the happiness.  Fans got a tiny glimpse of SRK’s character in the ‘Tubelight’ trailer which was released late last month. This movie is bringing King Khan and Dabang Khan together after their last outing together in the 1995 film ‘Karan Arjun’.

The other reason that increases the chance of ‘tubelight‘ being a massive hit is that this is the third time that Salman and Kabir Khan are coming together after giving hits like Ek the Tiger (2012) and Bajrangi Bhaijan (2015). There are chances that ‘tubelight‘ will do great business in China as well due to the presence of Chinese artists which will attract Chinese population to give the movie immense love.

It seems like Salman Khan’s movie will do better business than Baahubali but there are few reasons which may affect the film business. The blockbuster hit Baahubali was dubbed into 3 languages (Hindi, Tamil and Malyalam) and Tubelight are dubbed only in Hindi which will affect film’s business in south. The USP for Bahubali’s massive hit was the visual effects that could have given Hollywood a run for its money. It’s unlikely that Tubelight will be able to compete with the visual departments And the most important reason that played a role in the hit of Baahubali: the conclusion was the first part of the movie, where the director just left the audience with the an unanswered question, which created curiosity amongst the audience.

This movie is also bringing Sohail Khan and Salman Khan, real life brothers together to play the role of reel life brothers. If we look back Salman has never given a hit with Sohail (veer) but this time Kabir Khan is also with them. Lets just wait and watch if the trios of these three can beat Bahubali and create records.

'God Will Provide' Say 3 Pakistani Men Who are Fathers of 96 kids


Three Pakistani men who have fathered about 100 kids among them are giving their bit for Pakistan’s soaring population, which is also being calculated for the very first time. But in a country where experts warn that the increasing population is gouging into hard-won economic gains and social services. The three fathers are purely unconcerned about it and say that ‘Allah will provide’. According to the World Bank and government figures, Pakistan has the highest birth rate in South Asia at around three children per woman, and the census is expected to show the development stays high.

A father of 36 children, Gulzar Khan asks that “God has created the entire universe and all human beings, so why should I stop the natural process of a baby’s birth”? Inherited ill will is another factor in the northwest, where the 57-years-old lives in the city of Bannu with his third spouse, who is pregnant as well. The 57-years-old tells AFP that “We wanted to be stronger”, surrounded by 23 of his kids, he observes that they don’t bother about companions to play a full cricket match. The polygamy is legal, but uncommon in Pakistan, and families like Khan’s are not the norm, even though the beliefs he holds are across the board. In 1998, the last census was held, which indicated Pakistan had a population of up to 135 million. It is conjectured that the estimates of new census, which carried out earlier this year that it will put the figure close to 200 million, the results probably come out by the end of July.

96 Children 3 Father

The economy is growing quicker than it has in 10 years, and a month ago, Islamabad hiked its development budget by 40 percent. But on the other hand, the specialists have cautioned the populace blast is opposing any growth, spending valuable resources in a nation full of youth where jobs are rare and near about 60 million people live below the poverty line. The country director for the UN population council Zeba A. Sathar says, “It definitely is a problem because it is affecting health outcomes adversely and also eating into development gains.” Sathar also anticipated that the census would show growth has slowed because of lower fertility rates. It would remain among the highest rates in the region, she added. “There has to be a clear enunciation of the need to slow growth as a positive policy lever. And then next a good, effective health system that provides information and services of quality,” Sathar added.

Khan’s brother, Mastan Khan Wazir, who’s one of his 15 siblings, also has three wives. Wazir is father of just 22 kids, but like his brother, he says his grandchildren are too many that it’s impossible to count. With his shaggy mustaches and bejeweled fingers, this 70-years-old is quite a famous celebrity in the North Waziristan tribal district. Wearing a traditional Wazirstani turban, he tells AFP, “God has promised that he will provide food and resources but people have weak faith.” In the Southwestern city of Quetta in Balochistan region, Jan Mohammed, fathered 38 children, agrees in spite of having approached the government to give resources to his kin. Jan said in 2016 to AFP that his desire for the fourth spouse still continues as his mission is about having 100 kids. He said that no woman has agreed yet, he has not surrendered. “The more Muslims grow, the more their enemies will fear them… Muslims should go for more and more children,” he said.

None of the three men’s wives could give their opinions on family planning in Islam as they were not permitted to speak by their husbands’. In any case, there is an “abundant” in Pakistan about the need for birth spacing, or allowing a woman’s body to rest for at least for a year and a half between pregnancies, Sathar said. “The need is for clear information about the methods available, how they work, their possible side effects and where to get them. That is missing,” she added. A feminist activist, Aisha Sarwari who has written on population and women’s rights in the past says that giving women more of a choice in the matter could help.

“Access to birth control for women can be a game changer. Ultimately the impact is that there are more resources to go around … Empowered women have fewer children, and this creates a mindset that leads to prosperity within families that is likely to be emulated across communities,” she told AFP. On the other hand, Khan shockingly admitted that there would be no loss in slowing down the population. He said wisely, “Now, with the grace of God, the situation has changed – war and fighting are finished – so, now, a decrease in the population would not be bad. If one had fewer children, one would have more time to make love with his wives.”

London Terrorist Tried to Hire Truck to Mow Down People, But Payment Failure Prevented Bigger Attack


Today, the British police said that the assailants behind last week’s London’s terror attack had also prepared a conceal of Molotov cocktails and initially tried to hire a truck rather than a van to cut down pedestrians. In a statement Metropolitan Police said forensic officers examining the white rental van found 13 wine bottles with rags wrapped around them which is  believed to be filled with a flammable liquid  as well as two blowtorches.

Last Saturday, in  the London Bridge area which is a popular nightlife district, three attackers with a van struck pedestrians  and then went on a stabbing spree wearing fake suicide vest.

Before three assailant  khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Ridouane and Youssef Zagba eight   people were killed and  were shot dead by police and forty eight people were injured.

Before carrying out the attack,  Butt had tried to hire a 7.5-tonne lorry hours, but was turned down because the payment was unsuccessful.

Counter terrorism command chief Dean Haydon told reporters, ” He could not  get hold of that lorry Because of the fact that  his payment method failed.”

Haydon said, “At that moment my view is that he then went for plan B and ended up hiring the van. Butt was trying to get hold  7.5 tonne lorry, when I come back after  the effect could have been even worse.”

Haydon went on to say that when you look at their actions, they were still very close to the van and there is a possibility that they could have come back to the van.

” Was there a plan B that they had stabbed individuals, were then they planning to come back to the van and ignite the Molotov cocktails and that was a secondary attack?I can  only surmise because We don’t know.”

Over the past years the Trucks have been used in a string of terror attacks in Europe.

A 31 year old Tunisian extremist rammed a 19 tonne truck through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in the French Riviera city of Nice last year in july and killed 86 people and injured  more than 400.

A 24 year old Tunisian ploughed a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, last year in December by  killing 11 and wounding dozens.

And this year on 22 March, five people were killed when a man rammed his car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London before stabbing a police officer outside parliament.

On Friday the police released pictures in which  one man with a pink coloured 12 kitchen knives used by the attackers, as they appealed to the public for any information.

The police said,” we need to get all the information about these unusual knives like Where are they from? Where the attackers have bought them from? “

The police  believed that the one of the properties that they searched in the east London,  borough of Barking was the attackers safe house from where they prepared all thing about the attack.

One Officers while searching for the house found an English language copy of the Koran, which is opened at a page that describes martyrdom, they also found bottles smelling of petrol and some bottle of lighter fluid.

According to the initial reports, In Barking and nearby Ilford area, the police searched 12 properties and arrested 18 people so far, but only five  of them remain in custody and 13 were released without any charge.

JEE Advance Result 2017, Likely to be Released on 12th June


Join Entrance Exam (JEE) Advanced 2017 results will be released soon most probably by tomorrow on June 11 at 10 am. The answer sheet of Join Entrance Exam was released on 5th of June, 2017.

(JEE) the Joint Entrance Exam Advanced 2017 result will be released at 10am tomorrow, June 11. Candidates who appeared in JEE Advance Exam 2017 are required to check their results in the official website. The exam was conducted by IIT Madras for granting admission into Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s and Dual Degree programmes (entry at the 10 plus 2 level) in all the IITs.

On 21st May of this year the exam was conducted at various examination center. And around 2.2 lakh candidates appeared for the Join Entrance Exam (JEE) Advance 2017.

The exams consisted of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 consisted of 3 hours duration.

  • Paper 1 exam was held on 21st May from 9am to 12pm.
  • Paper 2 exam was held on same day i.e 21st may from 2pm to 5pm.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras will release the result category wise of All India Ranks (AIR) of the successful candidates. A mail and text message will also be sent to all the appeared candidates on their registered mobile numbers of candidates regarding their results.

The answer keys for the JEE 2017 were released five days before on 5th June. Appeared candidates will be awarded 11 bonus marks for three ‘ambiguous’ questions that were asked in the JEE (Advanced) paper.

Appeared candidates can download their result from the official website by entering the provided registration number and other personal details. Candidates are advised to download the result for future use. And the candidates are requested to go through all details carefully.