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UP Result 2017 Topper, Tejasvi Devi and Priyanshi Tiwari Declared Topper


Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has officially confirmed UP Board result 2017 release.  Students can download their class 10th and 12th result from the official website.

Yesterday on 9 june, the UP Board has announced both class 10th and 12th results. UPMSP has announced 2017 class 10th result along with UP Board 12th result at the same time 12.30 pm. 2017 UP Board results have been released in the official website. The passing percentage for class 10th and 12th is 81.6% and 82.5% respectively.

Students of class 10th as well as class 12th can download their result by entering their personal information into the official website. By entering their roll number or registration number they can easily get their online result. Fatehpur’s Tejasvi Devi being topper in UP Board 10th result 2017 has secured 95.83%. Whereas Priyanshi Tiwari who is also from Fatehpur, being topper has secured 96.2% in of UP Board 12th result 2017.

Students wait come to an end as the students were eagerly waiting for the release of UP Board result 2107.At 12.30 Uttar Pradesh Board 12 class result 2017 has been declared online. So it’s officially confirmed that Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad result is released now. The Education minister at the Board’s office in Allahabad made the declaration of UP Board 12th result 2017 at 12 noon, which was placed online in website for students at around 12.30 pm.

Students can check Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh 10th and 12th class results on many websites, they can easily log in official website or any primary website for their result.

26 lakh students appeared this year in Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board for 12th class board examination which was held in month of March and April this year. The Board conducted class 12th exams from March 16 to April 21 in around 11,500 test centers across the State. In all total 24,51,474 students took the board exams this year, in which around 2 lakh dropped out of the exam.

As the new government took control of the State so the examination process was made much strict, it was made clear from the very beginning that no free hand will be given to erring schools. For this regard, many of the schools were barred from hosting the board exams, and on the other hand several others were blacklisted. Strict instructions wear also given to the examiner to check the answer sheets carefully and to follow the instructions carefully. The answer sheets of the students having scored more than 90 percent marks have also been checked twice to rule out the possibility of errors.

Last year in 2016, 87.99% was the overall pass percentage in UP Board 12th result 2016. This was a little less than the year 2015’s result which was 88,83%. The pass percentage in 2017 board result is further expected to dip, because of the strict checking methods implemented this year. While on the other hand 10th board result was increased from the previous year from 83.74% to 87.66%, it has the chances to shift backward.


My Daughter Would Have Been Alive, If I hadn't Faught With Neighbour: Gangrape Victim


It was Bas Kusla village in Manesar, nearly 22 km from Gurgaon, from where it all started. She ran away from her house after a tiff with her neighbour and her husband, midnight on May 29 and that followed the horrifying incident.

She told, “I wish I hadn’t argued with my neighbour that day. My daughter would have been by my side and I would have been spared the horror.”

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Sunita (name changed) said, “My daughter was playing outside my neighbour’s house while I was busy doing household chores. I heard my daughter wailing and when I ran outside, I realised that she (neighbour) had pushed her from the stairs.”

At that time Sunita where her daughter was and found her bleeding. She called up her husband for taking her baby to nearby clinic.

She said, “I didn’t even have money to take my child to any hospital. I first borrowed Rs 30 from a nearby shop and then took her to a clinic where the doctor did a dressing on my daughter’s hand. She had bruises on her neck as well.”

The time my neighbour came back to her house, her husband had also arrived when it was around 2pm.

As per a statement of her husband “he only asked that why she had pushed the baby when she and her husband started mistreating them and even threatened him to kill his wife and daughter.

The 21-year-old asked, “My neighbour(the lady) suddenly grabbed me by my collar and I pushed her and slapped her. She fell on the floor, and her nose started bleeding. But what would one do in such a case?”

Then Sunita told her husband to run away and said she would ‘manage’ the matter. When the husband escaped from the place and went to Naharpur village in Gurgaon at his friends place, from there her husband called up the police.

Sunita recalled, “I too climbed up to the terrace and jumped onto the other side with my daughter. I asked for help from the neighbours on that side, and stayed at their place till night. But the women then asked me to leave their place and suggested that I too run away.”

She said, “There was no one. I had to go.”

Sunita took a lift in a truck for going to Khandsa village in Gurgaon to her in-laws’ place. When the truck driver molested her, she jumped out of that truck along with her daughter.

Then Sunita took lift in their four-wheeler Tata Magic vehicle by the three men and instead of dropping her to Khandsa, they took other route in order to rape her at a vacant plot in Manesar. During this incident, the rapists allegedly smothered her daughter as she was crying. Police said that she died of asphyxia.

The neighbour said, “Sunita’s husband wasn’t talking. He was beating me up and even broke my nose. I kept telling him that I hadn’t done anything, but he wouldn’t listen.”

As per the neighbour’s husband his wife even suffered a miscarriage when Sunita’s husband kicked her on her stomach during the fight.

According to the statement of the Police, “the three accused have been arrested and sent on remand for two days for further questioning.”

After Beef Ban Now Momos Ban, BJP leader


Are you amongst those who are fond of STREET FOOD? The definition of street food has changed in the past few years and it’s just MOMO now.  After Beef ban, it’s time for MOMOs! As per a recent news BJP legislator Ramesh Arora of Jammu and Kashmir is campaigning for a ban on momos. According to him, monosodium glutamate or Ajinomoto in momos”causes several life-threatening diseases, including cancer of the intestine”.


He said, “Ajinomoto, a type of salt, causes serious diseases, including cancer. It is responsible for converting a minor headache into migraine”. As per his statement, consuming momos regularly for next two to three years can result in stomach cancer. The way people are becoming crazy about momos is really astonishing and after such craze is it possible to ban momos? According to BJP MLC Ramesh Arora, “The root cause of several life-threatening diseases, including cancer of the intestine.”

When Arora is sticked in his campaign against momos, people are found dissatisfied with this and even many from his party are seem to be not convinced with this campaign. There can be many reasons behind banning beef, but the reason given for banning Momo is quite confusing. What Mr. Arora is trying to convey by banning momo is quite difficult for us to understand at this point of time. Let’s see how far his campaign is going and how much support he gets against the BELOVED STREET FOOD of India?

CBSE NEET Result Declarations: Fate to be Decided by Supreme Court on June 12


Everyone must be aware of the controversies with which, CBSE NEET is surrounded by these days. Well, there is a good news for the CBSE NEET and the students who have given CBSE NEET examination in the medical field as The Supreme Court, which had earlier denied to hear any plea from CBSE NEET, is now ready to hear the plea from CBSE for declaration of NEET results. The Supreme Court, agreed to hear the plea, after Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh requested for an urgent hearing. The SC today announced that the SC will hear the CBSE NEET plea on June,12. CBSE NEET results were put on hold after a medical aspirant pleaded that the question paper for vernacular languages in the national level exam were not uniform, in Madras High Court. CBSE had recently asked Madras High Court for vacation on stay on NEET results.

Vacation bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan will be hearing the plea of CBSE NEET. The court will also hear the plea to transfer the NEET related cases which are pending before the Madras and Gujarat High Courts.

The plea submitted at Madras High court seeking re-examination citing that the difficulty level of question papers in regional languages were tougher than english. Similar allegations had surfaced from Bengal and Gujarat too. Aspirants there also witnessed that the question papers of Gujarati and Bengali language were different and tougher than those of english and they also found some translation mistakes.

Madaras High Court hurled a series of questions on CBSE regarding their NEET exams. The questions raised by High Court are:-

1.Is it possible to determine the calibre of the students by a single NEET examination conducted by CBSE?

2. When the questions are set up by CBSE, will it not be easy for the CBSE students and difficult for the non CBSE students?

3. Would it not enable the CBSE students who constitute only about 5-10% of total candidates to grab the maximum number of seats in the medical admission, as question papers are set up based on CBSE syllabus?

4. Is it not necessary to provide level playing field to all the students while conducting NEET examination by CBSE?

5. Whether the exclusion of academic performance in Class XI and Class XII examination           would not make the students non-serious about their school studies and concentrate only       NEET?

6. Will it not be appropriate to combine the Class XII marks and NEET marks in equal                  percentile to determine the calibre of the students more accurately?

7. Would it be possible for authorities to conduct the NEET examination continuously along         with Class XII examination?

8. Would not the considering of NEET examination marks alone for medical admission make       room for mushrooming of coaching centres?

9. Why not the authorities prescribe uniform syllabus for physics, chemistry , biology and            maths throughout India? 10. Is it not essential to train teachers in the new syllabus for          physics, chemistry, biology and maths?
11. Whether or not the TN government responsible for dilution of standards in education, as          it had not taken any steps to revise the syllabus?
12. Why not the state government appoint well trained teachers in all the schools to prepare       students for NEET?

South Korea Will Not Change THAAD Agreetment With US, Security Adviser


The aim of South Korea is not  to change its agreement with the U.S  (United States) on the development of a U.S. anti-missile system and on friday the South’s top national privacy adviser said that  it will continue to work nearly with Washington on this.

Chung Eui-yong told a news briefing that the decision to postpone the full deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system pending the review of its environmental impact was one of the domestic measure to ensure the  democratic process.

On Wednesday, South Korean ally from U.S said  that it would manage off on the installation  of the remaining elements of the THAAD system, it on which China strongly objects to, until the environmental study was completed on that.

Due to the growing threat from the North the THAAD was introduced just to  make protect South Korea and the U.S. forces in South Korea. Chung said that We won’t take this decision lightly.

In may During his successful campaign  election, South Korean President Moon Jae-in promised to review the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense deployment decision, made by the government of his conservative predecessor, Park Geun-hye.

Undermining the stability and its unsettling the regional balance  China says the system’s powerful radar can penetrate deeply into its territory.  China also says the system does nothing to deter North Korea.

According to  South Korea and the United States  the THAAD system is only aiming at  defending against the North Korean missiles.Two launchers of the full six-launcher on THAAD battery, as well as its radar, have been installed at the site on what used to be the golf course near the southeastern city of the Seongju.

South Korea has said that Those elements will stay in place. On  Wednesday,Moon’s office said that  installation of the  four additional launchers would be halted during the environmental assessment, which may take a well over the  year, according to a senior administration official.

Chung said South Korea to discuss how to measures the strengthen its alliance with the United States and mention the growing threat from North Korea’s weapons programs during the summit set for Late june between Moon and U.S. President Donald.

On Friday, the foreign ministry said that Thomas Shannon, U.S. Under Secretary State  will visit the  Seoul next week to debate on the summit agenda,  No date has been set yet.

North Korea has fairly conducted the  two nuclear tests and also several tests of various missiles since the starting of last year, in defiance of U.N. sanctions. on Thursday, It checked a new part of land-to-sea missile off on its  east coast .

Leader Kim Jong Un has spoken of his aim to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the mainland United States with a nuclear weapon.