Cricket is Not Everything, Yuvraj Said 300th Match Today Against Bangladesh


Today, Yuvraj is playing against Bangladesh, his 300th ODI match . Yuvraj when asked, if he has any regrets? He came up with a perfect reply saying that,”Sir zindagi bach gayi humari, who sabse badi baat hain (I am alive and that is the biggest thing for me).”  The legendary cricketer has seen many ups and downs in his life, he fought back to life when he was suffering from cancer. He said, ” I don’t want to talk about my regrets when I am in a good zone. I am playing well and would continue for a few more years. As long as I am performing, I would like to play,” making it clear that the 2019 World Cup is still in his mind.

The left handed batsman, while expressing his words of wisdom said that,”It’s not difficult to play for India but sustaining is tough. You need to have determination and self belief is important. When things are not going well, people will have a lot of opinions and you need to believe in yourself it’s a matter of time you can do it again.”

Yuvraj when asked about, what one should keep in mind, if they aspires to become a cricketer, he said that, “It is important to stick to the process and train as hard as possible… and to stay away from (the) media.”

Yuvraj when asked about his 300th ODI milestone, he said that, “I don’t know whether I am a role model but it’s been a big achievement for me to get to 300 games. It’s a huge honour. When I started playing, I was happy playing just one game for India. That would have been a big achievement for me but here I am now. I have seen ups and downs. I am proud of myself that I have come through and still managed to get through to 300 games. At one stage, I was thinking whether or not I will play again, but here I am.”

When the media asked him about his biggest attribute, he came up with a reply saying,”I think my biggest quality has been never to give up, pushing no matter what obstacles came in my life. I always advise younger guys to never back down and always keep on working with the same intensity, irrespective of whether you are having a good time or a bad time. Be persistent, be consistent and focus on the process of the game.”

Praising today’s younger generation, he said that, “Well, there has been a big transformation. We learnt from our seniors and now we try to pass on the knowledge to younger guys. The game has evolved, fitness levels have evolved, it has become faster. Guys who are coming into the team are much fitter with better knowledge of eating habits, they are learning quickly. They are getting exposed to IPL playing with international cricketers.”

Today, Indian cricket team is celebrating Yuvraj’s milestone and if they win today’s match, then, that would be the biggest gift for Yuvraj Singh. Cricketer, Harbhajan Singh posted a short video to pay tribute to the left-handed talisman. He talked about the bond the two cricketers share, both on and off the field and how they both have travelled so far in their careers. The video was posted with the caption, “A bond which started more than 20 years agospecial dedication for my brother Yuvraj Singh.”

In the video, Harbhajan Singh praised the cricketer for his talent of cricket and also send warm wishes to Yuvi by saying,  “You are a true champion Yuvi! You are a winner both in life and on field. And I hope you achieve victory even in your 300th match today and I pray that you are declared the Man of the Match! God bless you brother! I am really proud of you.”

Let’s just wish for the win of Indian team in today’s match, so Yuvi can enjoy his milestone.