Kohli-Kumble’s Clash! Who is Going to be the Next Coach?


As the date of Champions Trophy 2017 is coming closer, reports of disagreements between skipper Virat Kohli and coach Anil Kumbhle are also taking hype.

As the deadline to apply for the job of Indian cricket coach ended on Wednesday, this seems to be that last tournament of Anil Kumble’s as coach of Indian Men’s Cricket team, reported Indian Express on Thursday.

It has been reported that along with Virat Kohli there are several other players who are not happy with the functioning of Anil Kumble.

BCCI officials and the Members of Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators, both are trying to work out the tension between the Captain and Coach of Indian Cricket team. Those who are involved in settling down the problem between these two, believe that their problem is long standing and almost irreversible.

As the members of the Cricket Advisory Committee, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Gaungly and VVS laxman, are expected to examine the application forms and name a coach by the end of the month. Both Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Gaungly will be in England during the start of ICC Champions Trophy. Though they both have different purpose of being in England, but it remains to be seen, whether they will contribute in resolving the tension between these two.

While interacting with the reporters of Hindustan Times, Gaungly said that, ” Kohli’s words should be the last world when it comes to deciding team affairs.” And one of the reports of India Today Gaungli also quoted that, “A coach’s job is to help the captain. I am a firm believer that the captain is the man to run the show and the coach must be there to support him.” Gaungli also added that, ” I dont know what is going on between Kohli and Kumble and this is not the right time to talk about it.”

Tendulkar and Gaungli who played major role in making Kumble as a coach of Indian Cricket team, now needs to gauge the situation closely to see whether Kohli and Kumble are on the same page.

Till the time no decision is coming out from BCCI, audiences needs to keep patience, to know the name of next coach of Indian cricket team.