Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s advisor VK Jain resigns

The sources said on Tuesday that the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s advisor VK Jain has resigned from his post mentioning personal reasons and family commitments, days following he was questioned by police in connection with the alleged assault on chief secretary Anshu Prakash.

“Jain has resigned from the post of advisor to the Delhi chief minister citing personal reasons and family commitment,” one of the sources said to the PTI. The source added that Jain has submitted his resignation letter to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) and sent a copy to the lieutenant governor. VK Jain was appointed to the post in September last year, days following he retired as the CEO of the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB), a board chaired is chaired by Kejriwal. The sources added that Jain had not been coming to the CMO after the incident and had gone on a week-long medical leave. The chief secretary Prakash was allegedly assaulted by AAP MLAs during a meeting at the chief minister Kejriwal’s residence in the evening of February 19.

Last week, the Delhi police told a court during the investigation that Jain revealed that AAP MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Amanatullah Khan bounded the chief secretary and witnessed them assaulting him at CM’s residence. Jain, on the other hand, had earlier said that he did not see anything as he had gone to the washroom during the time of the incident. Shockingly, the alleged assault happened in the presence of Delhi CM Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia.

Delhi CM Kejriwal writes to PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi; threatens to go on hunger strike if Delhi sealing issue not solved

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi, asking for time to meet them to resolve the issue of sealing of shops in the state. In the letter to Prime Minister Modi, the Delhi CM emphasized on bringing a Bill in Parliament to remove irregularities in the law that are the causes behind sealing of commercial establishments and cautioned that unemployment produced by the drive might impact law and order situation in the national capital.

“The reason behind sealing is anomalies in the law. It is the responsibility of the Central government to remove these anomalies,” the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said. The chief minister had yesterday threatened that he would go on hunger strike if the sealing drive is not stopped by March 31. “Traders earn their livelihood honestly and pay tax. But, they are suffering due to sealing. There is only one solution now. A Bill has to be brought in Parliament to remove anomalies in the law and save traders from unemployment,” Kejriwal added. “The traders are on the verge of starvation and each shop is means of livelihood for many people. If all of them are rendered unemployed (due to sealing) then it may impact law and order situation,” the chief minister in a letter to PM Modi.

Asking for an appointment with the Prime Minister, the Delhi CM demanded that a Bill must be brought in Parliament rapidly to stop the sealing drive. Coming to the Kejriwal’s letter to Rahul Gandhi, the chief minister sought an appointment with him and said sealing of commercial establishments is driving lakhs of people unemployed. “A solution to this problem should be found by rising above politics. This issue needs to be strongly raised in Parliament and pressure should be exerted on the Centre to bring a Bill over it,” Kejriwal wrote to Rahul Gandhi. The sealing drive was started by the municipal corporations of the national capital on the directions of a Supreme Court-appointed committee in December last year.

60 Delhi police cops arrive at Kejriwal’s home to review CCTV footage

A Delhi Police team, including cybercrime and forensics experts, arrived at chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence on Friday morning to gather evidence linked to the alleged assault on chief secretary Anshu Prakash by AAP MLAs on Monday night. “Around 60 police personnel reached CM’s residence at Flag Staff Road in New Delhi to search the place without any intimation,” a Delhi government official said.

The Delhi CM Kejriwal was also present at his residence when the police led the search. On Tuesday, the Delhi police had registered an FIR against AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan and others on the complaint of chief secretary Anshu Prakash. The chief secretary had alleged that AAP MLAs assaulted him during a meeting at Kejriwal’s official residence on Monday night. The Delhi Police visited at the CM’s residence two days following the arrest of AAP MLAs Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal in the case. The deputy commissioner of police (DCP) (North) Harender Singh confirmed the presence of police team, forensic experts and cyber crime cell at the Kejriwal’s residence. Singh, who was present at the CM’s residence, said that “We are at the scene of the crime”.

“CM house taken over by police. Huge number of police force enters CM house without any intimation. Police Raj kills democracy in Delhi. Police spread all over inside house. If this what they can to do an elected CM, think what they can with poor people!!!,” Delhi government spokesperson Arunoday Prakash tweeted. Arunoday, in his another tweet, described the search an effort to humiliate the Delhi CM Kejriwal. “There is minimum courtesy in democracy. Every citizen has rights under constitution. Is it an attempt to humiliate a CM who is working tirelessly for the poor and the last man of the society,” he said in his another tweet.

Delhi CM Kejriwal offers Rajya Sabha seat to Raghuram Rajan

The Aam Aadmi Party is expected to nominate the name of former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan as one of its three members for the Rajya Sabha to set an example of non-political sent to parliament by a political party. Sources close to AAP convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said to the India Today that four to five prominent personalities from different fields have been approached for the Rajya Sabha membership.

“We met Arvind Kejriwal last month and said that if the party gives the Rajya Sabha ticket to Kumar Vishwas then the image of the party would not be perceived positively. They should pick an economist because if in the future we decide to go national, then AAP would be a party who knows what it is talking about. So the party is mulling speaking to Raghuram Rajan and sending him to Rajya Sabha,” said an AAP MLA on the condition of anonymity to News18. Rajan was the RBI governor when the central government had announced demonetization. The ex-RBI governor publicly opposed the move and resigned shortly after it. The AAP is having serious discussions to make a mind for the nominations of the Rajya Sabha.

What’s Cooking between Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and South Superstar Kamal Hassan?

As the Tamil Nadu politics is heating up, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met the South superstar Kamal Hassan on Thursday for more than an hour and also encouraged him to participate in active politics to fight against corruption and communalism. The actor said while speaking to the journalists that it was a learning experience for him to spend time with the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. He also added that they have decided to have a discussion in the nation regarding the increase in corruption and communalism.

“He has a great national profile in fighting corruption and communal-ism, and I also have a little reputation similar to that. It is educational for me to speak and ask anybody who is fighting against corruption to give me the advice to go about my endeavor,” the 62-year-old actor said. The Delhi CM was earlier received by the Kamal Hassan’s daughter Akshara Hassan at the airport. The actor met with the CM at his residence in Eldams road on Thursday afternoon. In their meeting, which lasted for more than an hour, Ashutosh, spokesperson of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Somnath Bharti took part in.

“You can guess very well what we have discussed. That way this relationship will continue. The reason why we got together and the purpose are singular… Kejriwal has a national profile of fighting corruption and communal-ism. And whoever is fighting these forces are my relatives,” the actor said.

“I have a little reputation similar to that. It is no wonder that we decided to have a dialogue on the existing situation. It is a learning experience for me and a learning curve for me. I am on an educational tourism and asking anybody who is fighting corruption and communal-ism to give me advice on how to go about in my endeavor,” he added. Talking about the point of view of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the 62-year old South superstar, the Delhi CM said that he’s in those brave people who want to fight against corruption and enter politics instead of just cursing from outside.

Being very positive for the future meets, Kejriwal said that “It is important when the country is facing strong forces of corruption and communal-ism that like-minded people talk to each other and work in tandem with each other. We had a good meeting; we exchanged ideas and spoke about the situation in Tamil Nadu and the country”. “I am very happy to learn that a large number of people of the country are against communal-ism and corruption but rarely people have the courage to speak their mind. Kamal Hassan is a man of integrity and courage. He has the courage to stick his neck out and talk about corruption and communal-ism,” Kejriwal added. The 49-year-old politician said that “A lot of people strongly feel against these things but don’t come out and express. Rather than speaking from outside, he should enter politics and fight these forces”.

Jetmalani Withdraws his Name as a Lawyer in Defamation Case Against Kejriwal

In the case of defamation by Union Minister Arun Jaitley against Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, the famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani, who is present on behalf of Kejriwal, has now left Kejriwal and has demanded the payment of fees.

Ram Jethmalani, senior adviser to CM Kejriwal, has written a letter to Kejriwal asking him to and pays his legal fees and told him that he is withdrawing himself from the defamation case. Ram Jethmalani has taken this step after refusing to use abusive language against Arun Jaitley on the directive of Kejriwal. Senior lawyer Jethmalani wrote a letter to CM Kejriwal alleging that he used more objectionable and hate speech Arun Jaitley.Jethmalani has also asked Kejriwal to pay legal fees of more than Rs 2 crore in the defamation case against Kejriwal and 5 other AAP leaders. During the hearing of 10 crore defamation case against the leaders, Jethmalani had made an indecent remark against Jaitley.

Jaitley had then sought an explanation from Jethmalani whether he used the language of the hate speech on his client Kejriwal’s instructions. Kejriwal’s party Jethmalani responded in yes and after this Jaitley sued Kejriwal with another defamation case. After being caught in another defamation case, Kejriwal filed an affidavit in the Delhi High Court and wrote a letter to Jethmalani that he did not give any direction to use  the derogatory word against Jaitley.In his affidavit, Kejriwal said, “It is beyond comprehension that I will ask senior adviser Jethmalani to use such objectionable words. Neither I nor my counselor Anupam Srivastava had instructed Jethmalani to use such objectionable words on 17th May.

In response, Jethmalani has also decided to withdraw from this defamation case and asked Kejriwal to pay his legal fees This fee is more than 2 crore rupees. The Delhi government had earlier paid Jethmalani’s Rs 3.5 crore fees in February. Ram Jethmalani has appeared in the courts 11 times on behalf of Kejriwal. Jethmalani received Rs 1 crore retainer and a fee of Rs 22 lakh per hearing.However, the CM’s office has refused to comment on the matter. The CM office said that till now, he has not received any information regarding the withdrawal of Jethmalani’s case. Jethmalani told us in the conversation, Kejriwal had written a letter to me, I sent a reply to him. I will not disclose the conversation I have made in this letter. You can ask Kejriwal to make both papers public because I have promised him that I will not make anything public.

If AAP Wins I'll Monitor MCD Not Modi Ji: Arvind Kejriwal

The supremo of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in an interview with the Hindustan Times that if they’ll win the Municipal Corporation elections, then they’ll fulfill all the promises made by the party. He also said that If BJP successfully retains the power, and then Prime Minister Modi Ji will not be engaged in improving the state. “The BJP is seeking votes only, and only, in the name of Modiji. I would like to tell people that Modiji is not going to run MCD… MCD will only be run by Kejriwal,” said Kejriwal in an interview with the Hindustan Times on Thursday.

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Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is debuting in the Delhi Municipal Corporation, and this election would be very important for the party as this will get to know where their party stands after 2 years of their government in the state. The National convener of AAP Arvind Kejriwal was arguing for the last two years that his party’s powers are just limited like an advisory as all his files go to the Lieutenant-Governor’s office for the clearance. He also said that “Under MCD rules…the House is Supreme.

Arving Kejriwal Tweet

Talking about his work, Kejriwal said that his government has ended up several mafias allegedly present in the state government like medicines, power, education, contractors and power, and they will end the hoarding, parking and contractors’ mafia in the MCD. The AAP National convener also said that the straight fight is between the BJP and AAP in this MCD election.  He also shared solutions to the state issues like corruption, city’s civic mess, and some other serious issues. Kejriwal also said that no matter what the results would be, the Aam Aadmi Party will continue its fight against the EVMs.

While criticizing the opposite parties, Kejriwal said that as Congress in finished and BJP has always been unable to determine the issue of Delhi’s garbage problem, the Aam Aadmi Party is the best alternative for the people. “Any vote for BJP is a vote for filth and Chikungunya,” Kejriwal added. While praising the performance of his party’s two-year government in the state, he said that we have done what have said like free water, power rates halved potable water in taps, mohalla clinics, and revolutionary work in education, improved the conditions in hospitals, private schools not allowed to hike fees and much more.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Kejriwal said that we need to come together to clean Delhi. It’s the national capital and there’s so much filth. He said that the people of Delhi have the hope of cleaning only from the AAP. The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal also criticized the Modi government for the Swacch Bharat slogan and said it was a very nice campaign, but the Delhi BJP miserably failed to even make the city clean. Kejriwal believes that only his party could make the city clean.

As the poll date is coming closer, all the parties are giving their best to win the municipal corporation elections in the national capital. In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, Kejriwal also talked about his rapport with the new lieutenant-governor Anil Baijal. Kejriwal said that the L-G office had improved after the appointment of Baijal, but the relationship had soured in last 20 days. “Until the end of March; we had very pleasant interactions with the new L-G. He cleared several projects. Now all files go to the L-G — he is supreme, the elected government has almost become advisory,” Kejriwal added.