The Jerusalem Jugglery

The Trump administration has declared to move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This breaks the long sustained stand of the US that supported the claims of the Palestinians over the sacred land.

The diplomatic shift in the US has reared apprehensions in the west Asian region that US is pushing ahead its oil diplomacy in a concerted move to put the region in a different position from its past. Donald Trump and Jared Kushner, have supported the clean up efforts of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Salman. The clean up followed by Prince Salman is projected to increase the formidability of the unstable Arabian Kingdom, which will promote itself to create a new pole.

The US policy in the western Asia has been based around the oil diplomacy for over the years. The Iranian rise has been a threat to create a strong pole in the OPEC community. The US has always condemned the rise of Iran amid fears that the Muslim world may move towards a stable and unified outlook that will harm the future of the oil diplomacy of the US.

The US also sustained the Palestininan cause so far to create a balance in the field of Israeli dominance in the region. In the shifting western politics, the US is seeing Israel as a trusted ally to create a direct and a reliable base in the middle east that also acts as a counter to the Northern African region.

The Northern African region is seeing the rise of Turkey and Egypt that have cemented their ties while the Russians seem to be playing the good host to the improving relations. The US is seeking to curb its expenses and fortifying its position in the global politics has called for seeking Israel’s support to follow the charter of moving forward with its oil diplomacy, and consolidating its frail economy.

The move taken by the US has had wide repercussions with Saudi officials and Palestinian officials condemning the move, while there is a speculation that Jared Kuhsner has assured Prince Salman and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deep and favourable engagement with the two for backing Israel.

The Russians have not given any comment, while Benjamin Netanyahu has asked other world powers to follow the lead of the US and has urged the global fraternity to support its claim over the sacred land.

A strong Israel backed by Arabia and Palestine will counter Russia backed Iran and Syria, who are the largest economic powers, while Qatar will also align with the Russians in today’s time.

The Indians will have to look for a balanced stand, as supporting any cause that may mean detrimental to the world equations. The Indian stand has been to support the claims of Palestine and has tried to promote development that has been sponsored by Israel. This will lead to a stable oil market, and the Indians will benefit from the OPEC prices which shall remain stable if the better part of the global fraternity supports a stable middle east.

Trump expresses ‘satisfaction’ over Global Entrepreneurship Summit: White House

President Trump calls up Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid which both the leaders “expressed satisfaction” over the recently completed Global Entrepreneurship Summit co-hosted by the US and India last month in Hyderabad, the White House said on Saturday. The President Trump’s daughter Ivanka had headed the US delegation at the three-day event, who’s also his senior advisor.

On Friday, President Trump spoke to PM Modi over the phone. In a brief readout of the call, the White House said that “The leaders expressed satisfaction with the recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), co-hosted by the United States and India, which brought together entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, including 38 US states, the District of Colombia, and Puerto Rico”. The focus of a summit of this year was on supporting women entrepreneurs and supporting economic growth globally.

The State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said on Thursday that “For all of our progress, gender divides on access to technology, nutrition, and health, preventing women, their families, and their communities from reaching their full potential”. On November 28, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the launch of the summit with external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and defense minister Nirmala Sitaraman. Almost 1,500 delegates including entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters from 150 nations took part in the event, more than half of them were women.

World will not tolerate North Korea’s ‘nuclear blackmail’, says US President Trump

The US President Donald Trump has cautioned North Korea that the world will not tolerate what he called its “nuclear blackmail”, promising an international campaign of “maximum pressure” on Pyongyang, including by China. Just a day after returning from his marathon trip to Asia, Trump said in a televised statement that “I made clear that we will not allow this twisted dictatorship to hold the world hostage to nuclear blackmail”.

Trump added that Chinese leader Xi Jinping had pledged to use Beijing’s economic influence over Pyongyang to complete denuclearization in the North. The US leader said that “President Xi recognizes that North Korea is a great threat to China”. “President Xi recognizes that a nuclear North Korea is a grave threat to China, and we agreed that we would not accept a so-called “freeze for freeze” agreement like those that have consistently failed in the past. We made that time is running out and we made it clear, and all options remain on the table,” said President Trump. He added that they are responding North Korea by finishing the trade, restricting financial ties to the regime and sacking North Korean diplomats and workers.

US, India cooperation can increase beyond bilateral ties, says PM Modi to Trump

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held across-the-board talks with US President Donald Trump and said him that both nations can go beyond bilateral ties and work together for the future of Asia, echoing their developing convergence on strategic issues in the Indo-Pacific region. PM Modi also assured Trump in the meeting that took place on the sidelines of the ASEAN summit in the Philippines that India will try to “live up to the expectations” of the US and also thanked the US President for speaking “highly” about India during his trips.

“The cooperation between India and US can rise beyond bilateral cooperation and both countries can work for the future of Asia and the world…We are moving ahead together on many issues,” PM Modi said. Modi added that “Wherever President Trump has gone and wherever he got an opportunity to talk about India, he spoke very highly about India. He expressed optimism about India and I am assuring that the expectation the world has, the expectation the US has, India has been trying to live up to that expectation and will continue to do it”.

Talking about the US President, Trump described Modi as a friend. As per the transcript released by the White House, Trump said that “It’s great to have Prime Minister Modi here. We’ve had him at the White House, and he’s become a friend of ours and a great gentleman doing a fantastic job in bringing around lots of factions in India — bringing them all together”. “It’s a lot of good reports coming out of India. So I want to congratulate you,” he said to Modi.

It is learnt that two leaders have talked about the security situation in the region alongside some other issues of mutual interests including ways to extra boost bilateral trade. This move is to start the quadrilateral alliance that comes in the background of increasing Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea. The US, on the other hand, has been favoring a bigger role for India in the purposefully important Indo-Pacific region. On Friday, Trump has praised India’s “astounding” growth after it opened up its economy and also applauded PM Modi, saying that he has been working successfully to bring the immense country and its people together.

While speaking at the gathering of CEOs on the sidelines of the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnamese City of Danang, President Trump mentioned India as one of the countries in the Indo-Pacific region making progress. The US President also praised India as a sovereign democracy with a population of more than 1 billion people as well as the largest democracy in the world.

APEC: The Quadrilateral Power Punch

On the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accorded his approval to align with the new Quadrilateral. The Quadrilateral is a grouping of four nations who are looking forward to create balance in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Quadrilateral absorbs in it one of the most stale economies and powerful nation of the region who aim at countering the Chinese expansionist and shrewd policies. The move has caught all the eyes of China, where Mrs Trump has stayed back while Mr Trump mingles with the ASEAN and APEC leaders.

The move was initiated by Japan which has seen Shinzo Abe aiming to seek better economic and geo-strategic alliances in the wake of Xi Jinping getting absolute grips on Chinese soil. The Chinese have an advantage and use military threats towards its neighbours to coerce them in to committing errands which forms the crux of the Maoist philosophy.

The Chinese have grown resurgent and Xi’s call to make this century the century of China, has alarmed the global community. The Americans are in anal time low. With the American economy taking a dip and the revival of protectionism, the prospects of American economy performing better is a distant dream.

The power tussle that is being currently witnessed in Saudi, is also pointing towards tough times for all economies as oil prices may shoot up. The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative may see a polarised world in the near future with the political decisions leading to economic warfare between the developing and the developed nations.

The Chinese have also threatened the South China Sea and have built the artificial islands claiming the land as Chinese Territory. The more complex problem lies in the polarisation of the world. China is the closest ally of North Korea, and the erratic leader of North Korea Kim-Jong-un has threatened the US time and again with its nuclear weapons.

The world sees a self-styled and all-powerful China may seem to ‘dictate’ the future of the world, thus to counter the same Japan, India, US and Australia have joined hands to partner up in progress.

The Brexit and the Euro crisis have only one outcome to benefit trade with the Chinese as they produce everything for everybody. Thus the world will have to look for alliances with more sound economic might and democratic credentials to lead the world through any crisis.

The Quadrilateral has the aim to counter China and forge a mutually sustainable alliance to give the world an alternate in the Asia-Pacific region. The group leaders met and discussed the details of tackling a resurgent China.

Australia has its own strategic interests as it is one island continent and has not played any roles in the global power games, yet the Chinese have made their presence felt even in the Antarctica. The naval diplomacy by Chinese also poses a threat to the Australian waters.

The Quadrilateral has something on offer for all the countries and the US will provide the clout needed by all the other nations that they don’t possess in the global politicosphere.

US President Donald Trump lauds India at APEC summit in Vietnam

The US President Donald Trump praised India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his trademark hyperbolic style. On the other hand, Trump lashed out at the China. The 71-year-old leader praised India for being the world’s largest democracy and accomplishing “astounding” growth. He also commended PM Modi for bringing the country’s people “together as one…very, very successfully”.

China, on the other hand, had to witness sharp rebuke as Trump criticized harshly against trade practices he said have put Americans out of work and cautioned that the US would no longer “turn a blind eye” to trade abuses, reported AP. Mode said these remarks at an address at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit of chief executives in Vietnam, where he reached earlier today from a trip in China. The admiring comments from the US President Trump about India and PM Modi came just a few months after a successful maiden meeting between the two leaders in Washington. Trump said, “India is celebrating its 70th anniversary. It’s a sovereign democracy, as well as…think of this… (one) of over one billion people. It’s the largest democracy in the world”

“Since India opened its economy it has achieved astounding growth and a new world of opportunity for its expanding middle class, and PM Modi has been working to bring that vast country and all of its people together as one, and he’s working at it very, very successfully indeed,” said the US President Trump today. The AFP said that the leaders of Japan, China, Russia and South Korea are also attending the APEC summit.

Trump's Trek to China

The motor-mouth American President Donald Trump who has taken a beating in the recent provincial elections is on a 11-day tour to visit the East Asian nations. The first stop being Japan, followed by South Korea and now he is in China.

The President is under fire over alleged involvement of Russians in running an anti-Hillary campaign that led to his eventual victory. Trump has made many rough remarks during his campaign for the Chinese people and has also threatened the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un of dire consequences in the past.

With Xi Jinping consolidating his position back home, and being declared as the most powerful leader of China of Secretary Mao, he is set to move forward with his bold plans for the world that usher in a ‘century of China’.

Donald Trump has taken the threats and the tests conducted by the North Korean leader as a seriously which has made him open a channel to improve communications with the leader. The North Korea has very deep relations with China, which is known to the world.

Donald Trump in Seoul asked Kim Jong to come to the negotiation table and not to pursue the path of destruction which will not be good for the future, as Americans don’t intend to be intimidated.

The White House officials have reportedly been working on crafting the President for taking a responsible visit with the Chinese as he will have to stay and observe the protocols followed by the Chinese establishment. China is now one of the most stable producing economies of the world, in fact paralleled by none!

Donald Trump who has receded much of the ground back home due to criticism and negative propaganda needs to work on his poll promise, ‘make America great again’.

The issues that are supposedly on the cards with the Chinese include the restructuring of the global economic trends in favour of promoting innovations in the US and working in close collaboration with the Chinese after the Brexit happens. The Chinese economic might will need the diplomatic ties of the Americans and with China and America sharing the dais together the world seem a better balanced place.

Indian Take-Aways:-

India has shared a stable equation with the American establishment while the Chinese have had their reservations. With Trump looking for a bargain with Xi, Modi must make sure that the diplomacy pursued by India towards the Chinese is not inclined to outrage the dragon. The Tiger has its own advantages in the global economic scenario, while the Dragon has its own. The China-India partnership will be a powerhouse for the world, and the potential with co-operation will make the two largest populations of the world narrate the future of the generations to come.

India must engage in a detailed dialogue with the Chinese to iron out the border differences and settle the equations with Pakistan. India must also not let the internal sovereignty of the nation decide the stands of the global political intercourse, thus must sideline certain differences and indulge Xi in a direct mediation.

The Trilateral meeting of Modi, Trump and Xi must send important signals to the world, and for it to be a reality, there has to be a great deal of homework done by the deputies of all the nations, and accord a status to India in the security council.