Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 magnitude hits Uttarakhand, tremors felt in Delhi NCR

Strong tremors were felt in Delhi NCR followed by a moderate earthquake which was felt in Uttarakhand on wednesday at about 8:45 pm. According to the Centre for Seismology earthquake was of magnitude 5.5 and was reported in Rudraprayag city of Uttarakhand and there were tremors in different parts of the country. The depth of the earthquake was 30 km. According to an officer at Seismology, The epicenter is in Uttarakhand and the tremors felt in Delhi and NCR are the impulses.

No loss in terms of life or property had been noted and observed in and around Rudraprayag till late night and all other parts of the state. The reports indicate that the epicenter of 5.5 magnitude earthquake is at Rudraprayag, the impact of the earthquake was not significant and was not of a large magnitude as most of the people did not even feel it.

The state emergency operation centers were made active as soon as possible as the news of tremors started to pour today night. Secretary of Disaster Management Amit Negi told that he had contacted the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) officials and are keeping a constant track and monitoring the situation.

This is considered to be the second earthquake in Uttarakhand in the past 24 hours as a 3.3 magnitude earthquake was reported on Tuesday only in the state. According to the state government data reported 38 small earthquakes of magnitude 5 or less have occurred in Uttarakhand in the past 2 years which is a matter of big concern for the earth.

South Korea hit by 5.4-magnitude Earthquake, makes 1,500 Homeless and dozens injured

After rare 5.4-magnitude strikes in the southeastern port of Pohang in South Korea, more than 50 people were injured and 1,500 taken to shelters in the country as the officials said on Thursday. Flashing alarm in a country that rarely witnesses major tremors, the country experienced the second-most powerful quake in the South hit at a shallow depth of nine kilometers yesterday afternoon.

The safety ministry said in a statement that the quake that was felt across the country including in the capital Seoul, destructed almost 1,100 homes and more than 100 schools. The statement said that roads and public and military facilities were also damaged, 57 people were left injured and 1,536 looking for shelters outside their home. It added that no deaths had been reported. This came almost after a year the country’s most powerful quake to date, a 5.8-magnitude tremor that took place in the southeastern city, Gyeongju, in September 2016. The pictures of the situation following a quake of Wednesday’s showed damaged houses, shattered storefronts and cars smashed by fallen bricks.

One video posted on social media showed dozens of students yelling and escaping in panic as a large brick front crumbled and fell off the top of a campus building. On late Wednesday, a rare decision to postpone country’s all-important nationwide college entrance exam, which was scheduled for Thursday after postponed for a week as dozens of after-effects continued to shake Pohang, Seoul. This annual event is thoroughly watched by the whole nation that falls silent on the day to aid teenagers to focus on the test whose result may state their future in the hyper-competitive society. Since 1992, it was the second time when the test has been postponed.

At least 200 killed, more than 1700 injured as dreadful earthquake hits Iraq-Iran border

The officials said on Monday that no less than 200 people were killed and more than 1700 people injured when a frightful 7.3 magnitude earthquake shivered the rocky Iran-Iraq border prompting landslides that hampered rescue operations. The video posted on Twitter showed frightened people escaping a building in Sulaimaniyah, northern Iraq, as windows broke at the moment the deadly quake hit late Sunday. On the other hand, images from the nearby town of Darbandikhan showed main walls and solid structures had broken down.

The deputy governor of Iran’s Kermanshah province, Mojtaba Nikkerdar, said, “We are in the process of setting up three emergency relief camps.” The US Geological Survey said that the quake hit 30 kilometers (19 miles) southwest of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan at around 9.20 pm when many people would have been at home. The chief of Iran’s emergency services Pir Hossein Koolivand said that it was “difficult to send rescue teams to the villages because the roads have been cut off… there have been landslides”. The official IRNA news agency said that the worst-hit towns in Iran were Qasr-e Shirin in Kermanshah and Azgaleh, which is about 40 kilometers in the northwest.

30 Red Cross teams had been sent to the quake-affected area of which many parts had witnessed power cuts, it added. The officials said, in Iraq, the quake had killed six people in Sulaimaniyah province and injured about 150 people. An AFP reporter said in Sulaimaniyah that residents ran out onto the streets and some damage to property was reported. The town’s mayor Nasseh Moulla Hassan told AFP in Darbandikhan that “Four people were killed by the earthquake”. As per the director of the hospital in the town almost 70 kilometers south of Darbandikhan, one child and an elderly person were killed in Kalar, and 105 injured.

The AFP journalists said that the quake, which struck at an almost shallow depth of 25 kilometers, was experienced for 20 seconds in Baghdad, and for no longer in other regions of Iraq. Iran has witnessed at least two major quake disasters in last some years, one in 2005 that killed more than 600 and another in 2012 that killed almost 300.

Earthquake of Magnitude 8 Rocks Southern Mexico

An earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck off the coast of Chiapas, Mexico late on Thursday, shaking buildings in the capital city.

People in Mexico City ran out into the streets after the quake struck. Buildings were shaking by the earthquake which was measured as magnitude 8 and later measured to 8.2. There are fears that Tsunami waves of more than 03 meters (10 feet) are possible along with some coasts of Mexico.

Mexico Earthquake

Tsunami waves of less than 0.3 meters were possible in Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Hawaii, Honduras, Jarvis Island, Nicaragua, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Palmyra Island, Panama, and Peru. It added that tsunami waves of between 0.3 meters to 01 meters, above the tide level were possible for some coasts of the  Cook Islands, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Guatemala, and Kiribati.

No tsunami warning has been issued for the west coast of US in the earthquake but Mexico is currently also being threatened by Hurricane Katia on its eastern coast. The United States Geological Survey said that the epicenter of the earthquake was about 100km (62 miles) southwest of the town of Pijijiapan, at a depth of 35. The earthquake was the strongest earthquake to hit the country and would be equal in strength to that quake that struck Mexico in 1995 and 1985.

Luis Carlos Briceno (31), an architect, who was visiting Mexico city said that “I had never been anywhere where the earth moved so much. At first, I laughed, but when the lights went out I didn’t know what to do. I nearly fell over.”

The earthquake in Mexico is described as severe. Damage done in poorly built structures. Fall of chimneys, columns, factory stacks, monuments, walls was happened due to the earthquake.

Over 100 Injured and 2 Killed in 6.7 Magnitude of Earthquake, Greek and Turkey

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 has killed two people foreign tourists and more than 200 people injured in Greek   on the island of Kos and Turkish coastal towns. The earthquake struck near the tourist destinations around the Aegean sea in the morning, The officials of Turkish and Greek said. They said around 200 people have been injured in which 120 on Kos and at least 70 in Turkey.

The Geological Survey of United States which monitors earthquakes said  that it was a very shallow earthquake with  epicentre at only 10.3 Km below the seabed off the south western coastal city of Marmaris in the Mugla province. The epicentre was just 10 km south of the Turkish resort of Bodrum and 16 km east-northeast of Kos  which is a magnet for holiday makers in the summer.

The Turkish towns of  Datca, Bodrum and Kos in the Dodecanese Islands  are all major tourist destinations. The mayor of Kos, George Kyritsis, told Reuters that two people were killed in the Greek island and several peoples were injured in the earthquake.

The officials of hospital on the island told AFP  that the two persons had been killed as soon as the roof of a building collapsed. The officials of Emergency services said that the affected area was a bar in the centre of Kos town.

The coast guard said, The port of the island was among the structures that sustained damage and the  route  was not docking. While the fire service from Greece told that it had rescued three injured persons from that damaged building.

Mehmet Halis Bilden, the chairman of Turkey disaster and emergency management presidency warned  the citizens about some more incoming aftershocks but he also added that there were no casualties or major damage in Turkey.

Mehmet Halis Bilden told broadcaster CNN Turk that our people should know about incoming aftershocks, so they should refrain from entering vulnerable structures.

AFAD told,  at least 20 aftershocks in Turkey and Greece after the mainshock at 1.31am according to local time on Friday. Also with minimum five  aftershocks registered over the  magnitude of 4.0 and with the largest at 4.6.

However, The 6.7  magnitude  earthquake is considered as a strong and is capable of causing major  damage. But the effects of this quake would have been decreased because it  strike in the sea area. The EMSC, the European earthquake agency  said that a small tsunami could be caused by the this earthquake, but Turkish broadcasters officials said about large waves were more likely to happen.

A Television footage from Turkey Mugla province showed that hundreds of people relinquishing their houses and waiting on the streets and some of the people ran away from houses on roads.  When the earthquake happened, it  showed cars  were shaking and the products  were falling off from the shelves at stores across the region.

The UK foreign office has advised British tourists  to follow the advice of local authorities and tour operators. A spokesman said,” We are speaking to the Greek and Turkish authorities following an earthquake off the coast of Bodrum and kos. Any British people should follow the instructions of local authorities in the area.”

The earthquake  struck at the start of the tourist season, with many travellers who were expected to arrive in the coming weeks. It has been expected that this Saturday would  be one of the busiest weekends for tourists arrival on island.

Currently, Two departure flights from Kos to Athens and  Two arrival flights from Athens to Kos have been cancelled. But later this day the flights are  scheduled as normal.

The British tourists  in the region have told of the panic that set in the earthquake hit area.

Kristian Stevens from Nelson in Lancashire was staying in Didim which is 100 km away from Bodrum, when he felt the building was shaking like a jelly. Sophie Wild from Canterbury, was in Altinkum which is  750 km from Bodrum described running for her life, when we realised it was an earthquake, we got an immediate sense to get out, we thought the building was going to crumble.

In Bitez, a resort town about 6km west of Bodrum, the earthquake was felt at 1:30 a.m and sent  residents  into the streets after that two strong aftershocks  also followed.

The Hotel guests  returned to their rooms to pick up their things  but most of them chose to spend their night outside the hotel on roads by using sheets and cushions which they borrowed from nearby lounge chairs to build makeshift beds, an  AP reporter said.

The Mugla governor, Esengul Civelek told the news conference that  the initial reports showed that there was no major damage in that area, only a small number of people had suffered from minor injuries but the authorities would continuously providing supplies and assistance to citizens on the streets.

However,  Osman Gurun , the Mugla mayor said  that the power outages affected certain parts of the region and that telephone operators had experienced some difficulties  due to overloads.

Mehmet Kocadon,  the  mayor of Bodrum said that the earthquake had caused minor cracks on some old buildings.

In October, 2011, more than 600 people died in eastern province of Van in  Turkey after a earthquake  of 7.2 magnitude. In 1999, two powerful  earthquakes killed around  20000 people in the northwest of the country.  Also the earthquake of 5.9 magnitude killed 143 people in Greece, in 1999.