Kamal Haasan supports Rahul Gandhi’s statement of GST must be thrown into wastebasket

The actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan criticized GST openly on Sunday and said it has badly affected all sectors and it must be thrown into a wastebasket. While addressing a press conference repeated similar sentiments as Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Demonitization must not have been implemented.

“I would somehow support this (Rahul’s statement),” Hassan said. “If I was the Prime Minister, and someone had given me a file with demonetisation written on it, I would have thrown it in the dustbin,” Hassan said while speaking at a gathering of the Indian diaspora in Malaysia. Hassan, while addressing a huge gathering at Gobichettipalayam, said youth should come to agriculture field, “instead of only concentrating on engineering and medicine.” “All the fertile lands are waiting for the youth. They should learn latest technologies in agriculture,” he added.

Explaining that Gobichettipalayam is famous for weaving industry, the actor-turned-politician said that only elderly people are now involved in weaving sector. “There won’t be anyone to do it once they go. So youngsters should take it up,” Hassan said. The actor added that complete prohibition of liquor could not be implemented in the state in a day. “It could be possible only after people are convinced about that,” Hassan said and added that people may turn to some other bad habits if prohibition was implemented at once.

Will Join Hands with BJP if need Arises, says Kamal Hassan

The Tamil superstar Kamal Hassan, who recently met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, is ready to join hands with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) if the need arises. The 62-year-old actor said in an interview to The Times of India that there was no untouchability in politics and if the need arises, he would not averse to work with the saffron party in the interests of the people.

He added that he doesn’t know if his ideology is compatible with BJP or not but his upcoming party and BJP can join hand if ideology didn’t come in the way of welfare and administration. The 62-year-old actor is expected to launch his own party and fight in the Tamil Nadu elections, making the state politics more interesting and firing. He is in the development of deciding the flag, symbol, and name of his upcoming party. He also said in an interview to India Today that he could announce his as early as before the end of this year. Hassan also said that he had not thought about quitting politics but he would quit if required.

What’s Cooking between Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and South Superstar Kamal Hassan?

As the Tamil Nadu politics is heating up, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met the South superstar Kamal Hassan on Thursday for more than an hour and also encouraged him to participate in active politics to fight against corruption and communalism. The actor said while speaking to the journalists that it was a learning experience for him to spend time with the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. He also added that they have decided to have a discussion in the nation regarding the increase in corruption and communalism.

“He has a great national profile in fighting corruption and communal-ism, and I also have a little reputation similar to that. It is educational for me to speak and ask anybody who is fighting against corruption to give me the advice to go about my endeavor,” the 62-year-old actor said. The Delhi CM was earlier received by the Kamal Hassan’s daughter Akshara Hassan at the airport. The actor met with the CM at his residence in Eldams road on Thursday afternoon. In their meeting, which lasted for more than an hour, Ashutosh, spokesperson of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Somnath Bharti took part in.

“You can guess very well what we have discussed. That way this relationship will continue. The reason why we got together and the purpose are singular… Kejriwal has a national profile of fighting corruption and communal-ism. And whoever is fighting these forces are my relatives,” the actor said.

“I have a little reputation similar to that. It is no wonder that we decided to have a dialogue on the existing situation. It is a learning experience for me and a learning curve for me. I am on an educational tourism and asking anybody who is fighting corruption and communal-ism to give me advice on how to go about in my endeavor,” he added. Talking about the point of view of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the 62-year old South superstar, the Delhi CM said that he’s in those brave people who want to fight against corruption and enter politics instead of just cursing from outside.

Being very positive for the future meets, Kejriwal said that “It is important when the country is facing strong forces of corruption and communal-ism that like-minded people talk to each other and work in tandem with each other. We had a good meeting; we exchanged ideas and spoke about the situation in Tamil Nadu and the country”. “I am very happy to learn that a large number of people of the country are against communal-ism and corruption but rarely people have the courage to speak their mind. Kamal Hassan is a man of integrity and courage. He has the courage to stick his neck out and talk about corruption and communal-ism,” Kejriwal added. The 49-year-old politician said that “A lot of people strongly feel against these things but don’t come out and express. Rather than speaking from outside, he should enter politics and fight these forces”.