Modi Government clears Triple Talaq bill instantly

On Friday, the Union Cabinet cleared a bill that criminalizes the Islamic practice of instant talaq on the first day of the winter session of Parliament. The Modi said cleared in November that they are ready with a bill that would take legal actions to prosecute Muslim men calling off marriages by saying ‘talaq’ three times, which was outlawed by the Supreme Court.

In instant ‘talaq’, any Muslim man can divorce their wives by saying the word ‘talaq’ three times in one go, even through email, WhatsApp messages or letters. The projected bill gives a three-year jail sentence as well as fine and says that the offense will be unmistakable and non-bailable. The proposed law named as ‘Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017, also gives a “victim” of Talaq-e-Biddat a right to ask maintenance from her husband before a magistrate’s court. The bill also states that the woman will also be permitted to her children’s care.

The apex court had struck down the custom in August as “arbitrary” and “unconstitutional” in a verdict, which was welcomed as a milestone moment for gender justice in India. “Before the judgment this year, there were 177 reported cases of Talaq-e-biddat. Since then, there have been 67. These are only reported cases, the actual figure could be much higher,” explained a law ministry official the theory behind the bill. The draft law was prepared by an inter-ministerial group led by home minister Rajnath Singh, which includes members like external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, finance minister Arun Jaitley, law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and his junior in the ministry P P Chaudhary.

Deadline for linking Aadhaar could be extended to March 31 next year

On Thursday, the Centre informed the Supreme Court that it will extend the deadline for compulsory linking of Aadhaar for various services and welfare schemes till March 31 next year. However, the extension will be applicable only to those who do not have the Unique Identification Number yet.

The Attorney General KK Venugopal told the court that the government will issue notification for the extension by tomorrow. The Centre also said that the deadline for Aadhaar linking to cellphone numbers (Feb 6) won’t be extended as the date has been named by the top court. The petitioners, who had appealed against doing the linking of Aadhaar compulsory, have opposed to the provisional extension of the deadline. The advocate representing the side of the petitioner, Udayaditya Banerjee, said that “Our case is those who have Aadhaar must also be allowed not to link. There are fears that Aadhaar will be misused. We have challenged the Aadhaar scheme itself. We wanted the court to pass interim orders”.

The lawyer added that the interim order is expected next week when the court will hear the case again. Arguing that it violates people’s right to privacy and can be misused, the Supreme Court has been asked by the social activists to stop the Centre from making the linking of Aadhaar compulsory for bank accounts and mobile phone numbers. In the petition of social activists, they also challenge the validity of Aadhaar which contains biometric details like fingerprints and iris scans. Presently, the Aadhaar card number has to be linked to bank accounts, PAN cards, government services and cellphone services.

Get 2.5 lakh for marrying a Dalit! Modi government’s new scheme to promote inter-caste marriage

Taking a step forward to promote inter-caste marriages with Dalits, the Modi government has bent the rules for the same. The government has issued directions to eradicate the income gap of Rs 5 lakh to enjoy the cash incentive as per ‘Dr. Ambedkar scheme for social integration through inter-caste marriage’. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has directed to junk “the condition that the total income of the newly-wedded couple will not exceed Rs 5 lakh per annum”.

There will be no income limit now for one to claim incentive under the scheme. The scheme was previously meant only for those couples who have income less than 5 lakh per annum. The Modi government also made some new eligibility criteria’s which includes that the marriage should be the couple’s first marriage and must be registered under the Hindu Marriages Act, and the proposal must be submitted within a year of marriage. Adding to it, the government also included two new implications by the government to enjoy the benefit of the scheme. The ministry has made it compulsory for the couples to submit their Aadhaar numbers and details of an Aadhaar-linked joint bank account.

Describing the motive behind removing the pre-existing conditions, a ministry official told The Indian Express, “Many states that have similar schemes do not have an income limit; so the Centre too decided to remove it.” According to the media reports, in spite of having a target to give 500 such couples the amount of money, only 5 couples were given the amount in 2014-15 and only 72 such couples got the money in 2015-16. The ‘Dr. Ambedkar scheme for social Integration through inter-caste marriage’ was implemented in 2013 targeting to give a fiscal incentive to at least 500 such inter-caste couples every year. The focus of this scheme was to enable the couple to “settle down in the initial phase of their married life”.

Yashwant Sinha Lambasts Modi Govt’s Policies blaming Note ban as a Disaster

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former minister of finance Yashwant Sinha launched a critical attack on the BJP-led central government’s economic policies, mentioning that the economy is headed for a downward spiral.

In an opinion piece for the Indian categorical, Sinha lambasts the government’s selections on the economic front “ I have to speak against the mess the minister of finance has fabricated from the economy and if I failed to speak up, I shall be failing in my national duty,” writes Sinha, adding that several among the BJP are tuned into matters, however, concern speaking up.

In the no-holds-barred piece, Sinha says demonetization evidenced to be Associate in Nursing “unmitigated economic disaster” which the products and Services Tax (GST) was a “badly formed and poorly implemented” havoc.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley comes sure the majority of the criticism, as Sinha writes, “Arun Jaitley is taken into account to be the simplest and also the brightest during this government. It had been a departed conclusion before the 2014 elections that he would be the minister within the new government.”

Sinha any took on BJP president Amit Shah of Iran for citing ‘technical’ reasons for retardation within the GDP rate and wrote, “Even the SBI, the biggest public sector bank of the country, has explicit with uncommon frankness that the slowdown isn’t transient or “technical”, it’s here to remain and also the retardation in demand has solely aggravated true. It’s overtly contradicted what the BJP president said simply some days past that the retardation within the half-moon was on account of “technical” reasons and can be corrected before long.”

On that note, the figures of the primary quarter of business enterprise 2017-18, released last month, showed the GDP rate falling at 5.7 %, whereas within the synchronal amount last year, at 7.6 % the GDP was soaring ahead.

In his article, Sinha conjointly took a jibe at raids conducted by taxation department, social control board and Central Bureau of Investigation and aforesaid that it’s become “a new game to instill worry within the minds of individuals,” adding, “We protested against raid rule once we were in opposition these days it’s become the order of the day.”

He conjointly ridiculed the “massive” loan waivers given to the farmers “varying from one paise to some rupees.”

“The prime minister claims that he has seen poverty from close quarters. Just to make sure that all Indians also see it from equally close quarters, His finance minister is working over-time .” by saying this Sinha concluded his article.

Sinha’s started trending on social media and he unusually sharp piece caused quite. To the piece, the Opposition has reacted strongly, with senior Congress leader and former finance minister P Chidambaram lauding Sinha’s words as proof that truth will prevail.

Chiadambaram tweeted “Yashwant Sinha speaks Truth to Power. Will Power now admit the Truth that economy is sinking?”

Modi Ministry Prescription to a Pregnant Woman for Healthy Child

Say no to  meat, no to sex , void bad company, have spiritual thoughts and hang some good beautiful pictures in your room to have a healthy baby. For pregnant women,  this is ministry of Ayush’s prescription, in India , where near around 26 million babies are born each year.

This perception put forward by the government and funded by  Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy.  Naturopathy  website describes yoga and as  old and good Indian traditional systems of health care having the history of centuries. The booklet called Mother and Child Care contains recommendation about babies. The book  was released by ministry of state for Ayush Shripad Naik in the run up to International Day for Yoga on 21st June.

The booklet describe how Pregnant women have to  Stay away  from anger, desire, attachment, lust and hatred. Avoid bad company during pregnancy, be with good people in peaceful and stable conditions only, Hang some beautiful pictures in the bedroom, which will affect the child.

Last month, a jamnagar based Garbh Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra made news for charging couples to conceive the best progeny through purification also known as shuddhikaran having sex on auspicious days and abstinence after conception.

Senior gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Malavika Sabharwal with Jeewan Mala Hospital and Nova Specialty Hospitals of the Apollo Healthcare Group said, ”  Anaemia and Protein deficiency malnutrition are health concerns for pregnant women and meats are a great source of both protein and iron, which is absorbed better from animal sources than plant sources.”

 if the pregnancy is normal than there is no need for abstinence for sex as the baby is protected by the amniotic fluid and the uterus muscles in the mother womb.

Dr Suneeta Mittal, director of the obstetrics and gynaecology at Fortis , Gurgaon,” it is advised  to have caution during the first three months when the placenta is low lying and where there is a miscarriage risk in case of complicated pregnancies.

Some studies show that the mother’s  anxiety stress and depression may affect the development of baby in the womb.  Therefore the Pregnant women need to be happy and instead of being prescriptive about what they should think,  we must urge them to do things by doing which they enjoy and strongly and their families should also play a supportive role during pregnancy. “

Modi Ji Completed 3 Years As A Prime Minister

It’s been 3 long years the BJP-led NDA is on power, let’s take a glance at its hits and misses. In 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee administered the oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Cabinets. This lavish ceremony was attended by Premiers of SAARC nations,many Chief Ministers, few Opposition leaders, besides a host of celebrities, corporate honchos and religious leaders.

In history it was for the first time in last 3 decades, the BJP came to power by gaining absolute majority and during the swearing-in ceremony only team Modi gave a hint that they are ready with the gam-changing plan for India. It is almost three years of governance, let’s take a look back to the centre performance:

Starting with the Sukanya Yojna introduced in 2014. At 8.6% interest this scheme gives the highest return in comparison to other small saving instruments. Then, comes more deduction on NPS, in order to promote the long-term retirement savings, the Modi government introduced the additional Rs 50,000 deduction for investing on National Pension Plan.  

NPS withdrawal reforms, Real Estate reforms, More Tax benefit to the home buyers, Increase in tax deduction limits and many more came into action under this governance. One of the most popular and successful plans amongst all is LPG subsidy scheme as best part of it is Adhaar card is mandatory for using this scheme.   

From the very first day team Modi is in form and till now it is at its best. Many came for protest against the decisions of Modi government but all their “effort gone in Vain”. During this many turning points came for the Indian citizens, but they appreciated all those each time. The biggest revolution that this government brought was the “Surgical Strike”.  From years India was tolerating the attacks from Pakistan with no reason and have lost many soldiers, but it was time to put a full stop in this practice. With the Surgical strike Indian Army demonstrated their power and intelligence, this was because of the person sitting in the centre. It is evident from the past activities that Indian Army has got potential to fight against everything but somebody should be there to encourage them and Prime Minister Narendra Modi did that.

Then, on 8th November 2016, PM Modi made another announcement and that was to boycott black money and black money holders from the country. Demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 notes was shocking for all but it especially left the blackmoney holders panic stricken. Many said that this act will become a drawback for Modi wave. People choosed to stand on long queues and that gave topic to the opposition to talk on. Then, came the most talked Uttar Pradesh election, people were almost sure that BJP has no chance of winning the election as Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajhwadi Party are the two reputed and strong parties of the state.

Everyone of anxious to know that who will form the government this time Mayawati or Akhilesh Yadav and then, the election results came. The election result was the most unexpected one as it was BJP who got the highest vote and it is just because of the Modi wave. People who criticized Modi’s decision of Demonitization and the way of running the nation got the answer from the public only.           

It’s now proved that people have trust on PM Modi and liked the way he is working for the nation. Opposition parties tried their best to ruin the image PM Modi has created, but they failed in doing so. Indian citizens know that who is working for their favour and who deserves to be in the center. Let’s see how effective this Modi wave is, whether he will be able to rule every Indian’s heart or not!

Modi In Varanasi Today Rally Updates: UP Election 2017

Today morning, Narendra Modi begin election campaign in his own parliamentary constituency , Varanasi by embarking on a road show starting from the gate of Banares Hindu University  (BHU)  Gate. Later he moved towards kashi vishwanath Temple to offer prayer.  He is doing so, as he looks to boost up the support for the BJP in the Varanasi region during the final phase of elections, polling for which is due on 8 March. This roadshow will pass through Ravidas Lanka gate, Assi, Bhadaini, Sonarpura, Madanpura, godowlia, Bans Phatak.

The Varanasi region has total 40 seats across seven districts and in this phase of poll BJP is facing a tough electoral battle in the Varanasi North and Varanasi South assembly constituencies.

He will also offer prayer at kaal Bhairav temple and then address a rally in the evening in the city. Later he will address to more rallies at janakpur and Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth.

Modi schedule for the day is:

Modi to land on BHU helipad at 10 am and leave for Kashi vishwanath Temple and spend an hour and offer prayers here. Then, he is scheduled to arrive at Kashi vishen at 12 noon.

He will leave for kaal Bhairav temple where he is scheduled to arrive at 1:15 PM and he is likely to spend 25 minutes in the temple and will leave for BHU helipad at 1:40 PM.

From there he will go to janakpur to address a rally in the afternoon by a special helicopter and later  return back to BHU .

After a short rest at BHU guesthouse , again he will address a rally at Townhall ground in Varanasi at 7:30 PM.

Then from there he will fly back to Delhi in the evening and return back again to Varanasi ,next day on Sunday 5 March.

Full security has been reinforced in the city and the officials of Special protection group ( SPG) are camped in the city to ensure the better protection of Narendra Modi.

Live updates

2:20 PM:  Prime Minister perform Aarti at vishwanath Temple and will leave for BHU helipad and from where he will leave for janakpur.

2.03 PM:  Modi reaches kaal Bhairav temple and offer prayer to Lord kaal Bhairav which is known as kashi ke kotwal.

1:40 PM:  Modi reaches Maidagin

1:20 PM:  Prime Minister offer prayer at Kashi vishwanath Temple.

12:40 PM:  huge crowd on Kashi road.

11:20 AM:  5 km long road show continue with cheering supporters and proceeds towards  Kashi vishwanath Temple.

10:55 AM:  huge crowd gathered at Ravidas gate in support of Modi and raise the slogan ” Har Har Modi,  Ghar Ghar Modi “

10:50 AM:  Modi began his road show from Ravidas Lanka Gate at BHU.

Traveling in SUV,  the roadshow will cover the distance of 5 KM  and passes through Shivala, Assi Ghat , Sonarpura , Madanpura , Bansphatak chowk and conclude at godowlia.

10:35 AM: PM offer garland to Pandit madan Mohan malviya’s statue.

10:00 AM:  PM arrives at Banaras Hindu University at Varanasi.