Rahul calls data theft charges as a way for BJP to take attention away from the death of 39 Indians in Mosul

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi said today that the BJP government is accusing the Congress of having links with a doubtful data firm only to convert attention away from the controversy over the 39 Indian hostages killed in Iraq by ISIS.

Countering to the allegations made by IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Gandhi took to Twitter to call the data leak charges an “invention” by the BJP.

“Problem: 39 Indians dead; Govt on the mat, caught lying.

Solution: Invent story on Congress & Data Theft.

Result: Media networks bite bait; 39 Indians vanish from radar.

Problem solved,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

The Union Minister Prasad had yesterday asked Congress and it’s chief Rahul’s links to the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica (CA), which has been blamed of illicitly mining private data of Facebook users to influence elections. “There were reports of sudden surge in Rahul’s social media following by using bots. Does CA have any role in building fake following of Rahul on social media. Will the Congress party now depend upon data manipulation and data theft to win elections?” the Union Minister questioned.

The Congress communications-in-charge Randeep Surjewala denied the BJP minister’s allegations by calling the BJP a “factory of fake news” and questioning the BJP’s links with CA instead. Surjewala told media persons that “CA’s linked website shows that in 2010 its services were used by BJP-JD(U). Firm’s Indian partner Ovlene Business Intelligence is being run by BJP ally’s MP’s son. OBI company’s services were used by Rajnath Singh in 2009”. CA is a British firm that came in the eye of the storm after an investigation by Britain’s Channel 4, which alleged that firm dug personal information of 50 million Facebook users for President Donald Trump during the 2016 elections campaign.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi criticizes BJP for ‘using anger to divide country’

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP bluntly in his first address to the party plenary today, adding that the saffron outfit “uses anger” to divide the country, something the Congress will never do. Gandhi also said the BJP’s “emphasis on divisive politics” has led its focus away from main issues like unemployment and farmers’ pain, and further added that the Congress is the one party that can take the country ahead, taking along with it each and every citizen irrespective of caste and creed.

“The country is tired, it’s looking for a way, and I say from my heart that only the Congress can show India the way. The difference between the Congress and the Opposition (BJP), the big difference, is they use anger, we use love and regard for our fellow humans,” the Congress president said. The 84th plenary of the Congress started today. The Congress party is all set to raise a road map for reversing its descending electoral journey over a two-day meet. With an aim on the Lok Sabha 2019, Rahul told members that Congress is the only party that can take nation ahead.

“This plenary’s goal is to show the country and the Congress the way. The people of this country, they see Modi and see no way forward. They can’t understand where they will get employment from when farmers will get the right price (for their crop),” Gandhi said, indicating two main issues he’s been targeting the Centre on for a while now. The 47-year-old leader alleged that instead of concentrating on development and trying to ease the suffering of farmers, the BJP is dividing people. “Anger is being spread in the country, the country is being divided, people are being made to fight each other. Our job is to join people, bring them together and this ‘hand’ (party symbol), this is the only one that can bring the country together and take it forward. And this hand’s strength is in all of you,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi focused that his party’s aim is the upliftment of all and not just a few. “I will repeat that this country belongs to all of us…all religions, all castes, all people. Anything the Congress does will be for all people and no one will be left behind,” said the Congress president. The Congress plenary sessions will be joined by the top party leaders, including former party chief Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh, its officials from all over the country and workers. The party is hopeful that about 15,000 party members will be present for the two-day open session.

Kamal Haasan supports Rahul Gandhi’s statement of GST must be thrown into wastebasket

The actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan criticized GST openly on Sunday and said it has badly affected all sectors and it must be thrown into a wastebasket. While addressing a press conference repeated similar sentiments as Congress president Rahul Gandhi said Demonitization must not have been implemented.

“I would somehow support this (Rahul’s statement),” Hassan said. “If I was the Prime Minister, and someone had given me a file with demonetisation written on it, I would have thrown it in the dustbin,” Hassan said while speaking at a gathering of the Indian diaspora in Malaysia. Hassan, while addressing a huge gathering at Gobichettipalayam, said youth should come to agriculture field, “instead of only concentrating on engineering and medicine.” “All the fertile lands are waiting for the youth. They should learn latest technologies in agriculture,” he added.

Explaining that Gobichettipalayam is famous for weaving industry, the actor-turned-politician said that only elderly people are now involved in weaving sector. “There won’t be anyone to do it once they go. So youngsters should take it up,” Hassan said. The actor added that complete prohibition of liquor could not be implemented in the state in a day. “It could be possible only after people are convinced about that,” Hassan said and added that people may turn to some other bad habits if prohibition was implemented at once.

Delhi CM Kejriwal writes to PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi; threatens to go on hunger strike if Delhi sealing issue not solved

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi, asking for time to meet them to resolve the issue of sealing of shops in the state. In the letter to Prime Minister Modi, the Delhi CM emphasized on bringing a Bill in Parliament to remove irregularities in the law that are the causes behind sealing of commercial establishments and cautioned that unemployment produced by the drive might impact law and order situation in the national capital.

“The reason behind sealing is anomalies in the law. It is the responsibility of the Central government to remove these anomalies,” the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said. The chief minister had yesterday threatened that he would go on hunger strike if the sealing drive is not stopped by March 31. “Traders earn their livelihood honestly and pay tax. But, they are suffering due to sealing. There is only one solution now. A Bill has to be brought in Parliament to remove anomalies in the law and save traders from unemployment,” Kejriwal added. “The traders are on the verge of starvation and each shop is means of livelihood for many people. If all of them are rendered unemployed (due to sealing) then it may impact law and order situation,” the chief minister in a letter to PM Modi.

Asking for an appointment with the Prime Minister, the Delhi CM demanded that a Bill must be brought in Parliament rapidly to stop the sealing drive. Coming to the Kejriwal’s letter to Rahul Gandhi, the chief minister sought an appointment with him and said sealing of commercial establishments is driving lakhs of people unemployed. “A solution to this problem should be found by rising above politics. This issue needs to be strongly raised in Parliament and pressure should be exerted on the Centre to bring a Bill over it,” Kejriwal wrote to Rahul Gandhi. The sealing drive was started by the municipal corporations of the national capital on the directions of a Supreme Court-appointed committee in December last year.

“Nasty form of politics” of dividing people is being played to win elections: Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP in Singapore

Throwing his loudest attack on the BJP government in recent times, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said in Singapore that there is a general atmosphere of “intimidation” in India where a “nasty form of politics” of dividing people was being played to win elections.

While speaking at a panel discussion at the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, the 47-year-old Congress leader said that there is a challenge to the institutional structure of India. “If you ask me what am I proud about my country…it is the idea of plurality. It’s the idea that people in India can say anything they want, do anything they want and they won’t face any problem and that is being challenged…,” Gandhi said. “There is a particular type of politics that’s not only happening in India but in a number of places – of dividing people, of using (their) anger to win elections and that’s what is happening in India,” the Congress president told the audience at the school, which is part of the National University of Singapore.

Remarking on the recent controversy of four senior Supreme Court judges holding a first-time press conference, Gandhi said, “They actually went out to the press and said listen we need the people to hear our voice because there is something fundamentally wrong.” The 47-year-old Congress leader said that there is a “very aggressive and organized attack on the system and judiciary. If you speak to the press, if you talk to business people, they will also tell you that we feel intimidated. So there is a general atmosphere of intimidation.” Rahul Gandhi added that the idea of India that Mahatma Gandhi wished-for was that an India where everybody is comfortable regardless of religion, community, regardless of state. “The idea that anybody coming to India, even the foreigner coming to India, feel comfortable in the country…that idea is being challenged now,” Gandhi stated.

“Where we are running into trouble now is the levels of violence and anger that you are seeing in India and this to me is a syndrome. I’m proud to say that our vision is bringing people together,” the Congress president added. While reverting to a question, the Congress president blamed the BJP and the RSS of indulging in anti-minority politics. “Mahatma Gandhi died protecting minorities. We, the Congress party, have been protecting minority people for the last 70 years. We don’t like an India where people are persecuted, where people are being beaten up for what they eat, what they say and what they wear,” the 47-year-old Congress leader said. Citing that “we will fight him and we will defeat him” in the election, Gandhi said, “very soon you will see India where everybody is respected and everybody is loved.”

Rahul Gandhi is making efforts to understand the issues, says Sharad Pawar confirming his support to Congress

On Wednesday, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar said that there should not be any caste-based reservations. He told Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray in an interview that only economically backward sections should get benefits of reservation.

In a first of its kind interview, Pawar spoke to a crowded audience at Pune’s BMCC ground. The NCP leader, who is used to give ‘political advice’ to the Prime Minister, said PM Modi is working monotonously and there is a lack of teamwork in the government. He had some good words for the Congress President Rahul Gandhi and said that “the Congress has the strength to provide an option for the BJP in the country.” When Thackeray asked Pawar whom he would prefer to support, the NCP leader immediately replied, “I will go with Congress. Rahul Gandhi has changed in the last few years and he is making efforts to understand the issues. He is traveling across the country and mixing with all sections of the society. He is getting support from youth.”

The 77-year-old NCP leader has praised the Congress leadership and said that it is a sign of the future politics in the state. Pawar also criticized the bullet train project and commented that “Considering the number of passengers, there is no need for a special train. But the government is going ahead with the project. No one from Mumbai will go to Ahmedabad, but people from there will come to Mumbai”. He added that he doubted that “there might be a possibility of taking financial control in their hands. Bullet train project is required on Mumbai-Delhi route or Mumbai-Chandrapur route. Now education boards in Virar-Palghar area are changing from Marathi to Gujarati”.

While criticizing the PM Modi, the NCP leader said that “Ruling in one state like Gujarat is not same as ruling the country. Teamwork is needed while ruling in the country, which is completely lacking and no one is taking responsibility”.

Lokniti-CSDS Mood of The Nation Survey: Inside Story

Ahead of the full budget of the Narendra Modi led BJP government, the Lokniti-CSDS a research foundation conducted a survey for the ABP News, to bring out the ground realities of what is the mood of the nation today.

Amazingly, the survey which was conducted across India has sought responses over a varied level of questions which have been answered by the respondents to the Questionnaire of the CSDS.

The most important feature of the CSDS survey is the it gauged the general perception of the voters in India. The scales tilted in favour of Narendra Modi, who triumphed as people’s favourite, and not just in the Hindi heartland but in the eastern part of the country.

The NaMo is known to have reduced political bastions to zero and based on the current popularity of his leadership, the fortunes for the  BJP seem to be bright in the future, where they may garner as much as 50-54% support from Indians exercising their franchise in the Lok Sabha polls.

Also, the survey included the response on economic conditions of the economy. This is the most tricky part of the survey because the people have expressed divergent opinions on the questions relating to the economic scenario.

There is not much popularity attached to demonetisation but GST implementation has had some approval from the people.

There is further appreciation for the international diplomacy, Pakistan and China issues and Kashmir issue. Thus, the only problem remains the economy, which the government accepts will grow slowly, and will soar in a while.

The survey also tried to draw a contrast between RaGa and NaMo, while NaMo is 44% popular in the country, RaGa is just 9% popular.

This will also make us think, whether people want to see NaMo coming back to power, the answer is a yes. Despite the confusion over the economic affairs of the country, the majority population wants to see him as the PM.

The lower sections, of both urban and rural areas alongwith the Dalits have also shown a positive shift towards the BJP, and the penetration of the BJP to the far regions of the country has increased by 29% (approx).

This survey, indicating the mood of the nation, assures the BJP that they will be voted back to power if elections are held today, and this also makes them aware that they need to responsibly cater to the overwhelming support of the electorate.

While the government needs to work their math to improve the economic status of the people, the nation is thumbs up with Narendra Modi and his vision for India.

This simply proves that the opposition is totally unable to produce a leader who matches the caliber of NaMo.