Congress President Rahul Gandhi demands apology from RSS for ‘insulting’ remarks on Indian Army

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi condemned the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat today for his “disrespectful” comments against Indian Army. In a scorching tweet, the 47-year-old president demanded an apology from RSS following Bhagwat questioned: “preparedness of Indian Army to fight enemies at the border”.

“Shame on you Mr. Bhagwat, for disrespecting our martyrs and our Army,” tweeted Gandhi. Using the hashtag “#ApologizeRSS, Rahul Gandhi further tweeted, “The RSS chief’s speech is an insult to every Indian because it disrespects those who have died for our nation. It is an insult to our flag because it insults every soldier who ever saluted it.” The Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani and Patidar activist Hardik Patel, on the other hand, also joined Gandhi in attacking the RSS chief. “RSS is an army of underwear-clad men who spark riots in country. I urge Bhagwat to go sell pakodas across country so that Modi can give government jobs to youth of our country,” Jignesh Mevani tweeted.

Also, Mevani’s colleague Patel said “no one needs to learn patriotism” from Bhagwat. “A case should be registered against Bhagwat for calling Indian Army weak,” Patel tweeted. The RSS chief incited a row on Sunday following he compared Sangh cadre with Indian Army personnel. “Despite not being a military organization, Sangh can prepare military personnel within three days which the Army normally takes months to do. This is our capability,” said Mohan Bhagwat while speaking at an RSS function in Muzaffarnagar, Bihar. “If the nation requires, and our constitution permits, the RSS is ready to go to border and fight for country’s safety,” Bhagwat said.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat compared volunteers with ‘general society’, not Indian Army, says RSS

On Monday, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) said that its chief Mohan Bhagwat did not disregard the army or comment on its preparation in the course of a speech given a day earlier in Bihar’s Mirpur. The RSS clarified in a statement by spokesperson Manmohan Vaidya that Bhagwat said if the nation’s law calls for raising an armed force, the preparation time for ordinary citizens would be six months, but volunteers of the RSS would take a shorter time to be ready, because of the army-like discipline they follow.

“This was no way a comparison between the Indian army and the Sangh swayamsevaks but it was a comparison between general society and swayamsevaks. Both are to be trained by the Indian Army only,” the statement said. The 67-year-old chief had reportedly said that the RSS has the ability to make an “army” to battle for the nation within three days if such a situation ascends, whereas the army would take 6-7 months to prepare. However, Vaidya said that the RSS chief did not question the army’s capability nor was he portraying a comparison between the army and the swayamsevaks.

He added Bhagwat was stating to the time that the army would take to groom ordinary citizens facing swayamsevaks. Bhagwat was heard saying in a video clip posted by RSS on its Twitter handle that the Sangh is not a military or paramilitary organization, but a family organization.

The Nehru Nemesis

Today while we celebrate the Children’s Day, on the 14th of November, 2017, we would like to talk about the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru has been the centre of the socio-political and economic narrative since the NDA assumed power at the centre in 2014.

The BJP and the RSS have had a long story of indifference with Nehru. Nehru was regarded as a real elite. He was educated at the Trinity College, London. In his autobiography he wrote about his tastes and his knowledge that he acquired from literature. His entire journey transcends from Shakespeare to Jerome K. Jerome.

Nehru’s mind was influenced by the knowledge and the social intercourse he acquired amongst the British. His views against the orthodox religious shackles of Hinduism drew flak from large corners in the society. The RSS was the most vociferous critic of Nehru.

Nehru was respected as an ideologue because he was in true essence an idealist. He believed in making a country with a very strong humanist tendency and secular credentials, but he faulted on his assessment of communalism.

Nehru’s biggest flaw was his exaggeration on the fact that he never wanted that the mohammedans in India must feel deprived, while at the same time he never felt too attached to the Hindu civilisation. Nehru further gave the state machinery all the teeth needed to curb Hindu majoritarianism, while the minority communalism was never checked. Nehru piloted bold reforms for the Hindus while he never considered the same for the minorities.

Nehru and Vallabbhai Patel had a stark contrast while they dealt with the RSS. Sardar Patel sahab acknowledged the efforts of RSS and condemned them when needed, this was also the stand of Ambedkar saheb, but Nehru believed it to be a radical and a terrorist outfit. The extent was grave when he got the RSS banned after the death of Gandhi ji.

Nehruvian socialism also had many defects which proved to be fatal to the economy while his inability to usher in a democratic culture in the INC corroded much of his prestige. Amongst his notable blunders was the Indo-China war of 1962. The Non-Alignment movement was a good step yet it did not bear rich dividends for the immediate goals of the economic development.

The Nehruvian thought and era has its cons yet it has its own pros! Nehru led the revolt against his own mercurial daughter because it was his dream to build a diverse and assimilating India whcih ensured freedom of speech and the press.

Atal Baba and Advani ji christened the Nehruvian thought to a great extent. Atal Ji when became the Home Minister in the Janta government, he got Nehru’s portrait put up in his office again which was removed because of respect for him.

In today’s political scenario Nehru deserves a special mention and reverence for the transparency, democratisation of institutions, and freedoms that we all enjoy as Indians.

The RSS has trained its disciples to go against the Nehruvian legacy, which is now desecrating his image. Moreover his successors have been unable to meet the standards of political acumen which the times call for.

After a certain amount of time, people will fondly remember him for the good that he did while his flaws will remain as they were.

We wish one and all a very happy children’s day.


RSS Guide on Value and Ethics, Be Vegetarian, Wear Saree and What Not

What things to eat, what things to wear, how to enjoy birthdays and advice on public conduct – all of this is a part of the RSS’ family counseling programme launched in Apr. The pan-India campaign absorbs going to people’s homes to “instill values and ethics” aside from advocating vegetarianism and promoting Indian apparel. The Kutumb Prabodhan named family counseling campaign will continue till the 2019 general elections. This move comes amid wide-spread outrage and anger over mob assault in the name of the cow, which is considered holy in the Hindu religions.

The RSS insiders said the mature swayamsevaks, along with a couple of swayamsevaks and a Rashtra Sevika Sangh (RSS’ women’s wing), visit households and ‘inform’ them on the benefits associated with vegetarianism and how to save oneself from being affected by the foreign culture, especially as shown in the various TV channels and social media platforms. A group led by the RSS leader Ashok Bhatt, the Vidarbha convener of Kutumb Prabodhan, went to the family of the Suresh Deshpande in Nagpur’s Sadar area the past week. The team suggested those to wear sarees and Kurta-pyjamas during festivals and advised them to not blow candles and cut cakes during birthday celebrations as that had not been an integral part of the Indian culture.

The Deshpandes, a family group of four, were informed about traditional Hindu practices such as chanting mantras before eating food. They said everyone in the family must eat alongside one another at least one time in a week and really should not watch TV at that time, instead of bond with one another. Throughout their family time, they have to avoid talking about politics and cricket. Besides this, everyone must value women, a battle against casteism, and inculcate the habit of reading good literature that feeds one’s intellect. The Deshpandes were advised to take up sociable work. “The RSS team enquired about our food habits, favorite TV channels and shows, how we celebrate a birthday and our preference of attire,” said Suresh.

He added that it was a good idea aimed at building up the connection between members of the family. “Besides, through the interaction, we could understand the problems faced by our children and other members of the family,” said Sunita, wife of Suresh. Bhatt said they are getting a good response. “We are also asking the families to sit together at least once a week to help to create bonhomie and strengthen ties among the members,” he said. Atul Pingle, a senior RSS leader, and Vidarbha Prant Pracharak Pramukh said this initiative was a necessity of the hour when individuals were becoming more materialistic and self-centered. “We will also visit the families of minorities like Muslims and Christians,” said Pingle, adding that the campaign would help bring back harmony, companionship, and community connection among people.

The Kutumb Prabodhan campaign is a significant effort of the RSS, the ideological mentor of the ruling BJP, following its pet job of “one temple, one crematorium and one well for all in each village” that premiered last year in the United States on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary in order to propagate cultural equality and tranquility. The task was valued by noted industrialist Ratan Tata when he met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in Nagpur previous year. The political observers believe that such projects would supply the swayamsevaks a primary access to family members and enjoy dividends for the BJP in the ensuing elections.

RSS Targeted By Ram Vilas Paswan For Quota System in Govt Jobs

Mr. Paswan the most well-known face in Modi’s government said’ Reservation for SC and ST was implemented in the country under the Pune pact between Baba Saheb Ambedkar and Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi. This is not a donation granted by someone and it cannot be abolished, BJPs ally and Union Minister said on Sunday that reservation is a constitutional right and no one can eliminate it, targeting the RSS over contentious comments by its exposure chief on quotas in government jobs and educational associations. Paswan also speculated why RSS leaders made such comments close to elections saying it was normal for people to get perplexed by the kind of comments the Sangh spokesperson and its all India promotion chief Manmohan Vaidya made about reservation lately.

He also alleged that his party will go up against ‘to the and nail’ any stab to adjust or modify the accessible quota system ‘from parliament to streets’. Most recent time RSS had made parallel comments throughout the Bihar assembly polls and at the present, it has said so all through the Uttar Pradesh polls. What I cannot comprehend as to why does it create such comments during the moment of elections?

Mr. Paswan also told PTI that ‘we had suffered heavily in Bihar due to this. RSS is an independent organization and I do not know why it gives such statements. It is but natural for people to be confused by such comments’. RSS’s publicity chief Manmohan Vaidya had on Friday booted up a row with remarks favoring a review of reservation policy saying that even Ambedkar had not privileged its persistence in eternity and comments that could be potentially harmful to BJP in elections to five states assemblies.

Mr. Vaidya told an interactive session at Jaipur that ‘Reservation for Sc and ST was introduced in a different context. It was provided for in the constitution to remedy the historical injustice done to them. It was our responsibility. So the reservation for them has been there since the inception. But, even Ambedkar has said its continuance in perpetuity is not good and there should be a time limit to it’.

Mohan Bhagwal, who is the RSS chief gave same remarks about the requirement for an appraisal of the reservation policy just ahead of Bihar polls and had outlay the BJP dearly as it saw an enormous consolidation of the electorate from the rearward classes and weaker sections in favor of Nitish Kumar-led grand alliance. Paswan in his statement said ‘There is no need to get disturbed by anybody’s personal views. The reservation will continue as long as a caste system exists in the country’.

Mr. Paswan said that social justice and secularism are two main planks of LJP and it will not allow any government to tinker with reservation policy which is a constitutional right. He also renowned Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made it apparent that nobody can stroke reservation as long as he was alive and added that he had taken numerous measures to endorse Bhim Rao Ambedkar. The Bihar leader also renowned that he played a chief and major role in approaching for quotas. Accessible reservation benefits over 85 percent of the population and no government can have the funds to fiddle with it.