Does The Internet Need Preferences of Telcos: Net Neutrality in India

With the United States of America moving towards a net-not-neutral regime, the Federal Department of Communications is all set to tilt the scales in the favour of the telcos who will be ale to gain a stronghold over the content consumption of their customers.

India, the net neutrality debate started as long as 2015, and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, has now finalised the rules for a net neutrality in respect of the Indian markets.

The internet has been the biggest disruption in the history of mankind and has changed the way we interact with the world. The internet that used to be free and fair, just stopped being fair when capital packed companies like Flipkart and Amazon destroyed the brick-and-mortar retail. The next push is seen in the banking sector, where a massive push for electronic banking methods has gained prominence. The future of the intensive digital push by the Prime Minister, has to have a wider perspective assimilating all masses over rampant profiteering.

Amidst the blind rise of content over the years, the internet has also impacted the political culture in the society, whereby the people have seemingly embraced the sectarian and narrow views and opinions espoused by the parties that get the content promoted.

The internet has a very optimistic experience as well for many parts of the country, where the access to the internet has opened a world of new opportunities. Yet, the worst disruption in the telecom sector was Reliance backed Jio internet services. Though Jio allowed seamless penetration of internet in the ordinary Indian household, the investments made by Jio need to be yielding profit at some point.

The concept of net neutrality has assumed significance today more than ever as US moves towards a more regulated internet, other nations might follow suit. The internet giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon, also known as the over-the-top services, have petitioned for net neutrality, yet the telcos  have lobbied hard for a regulated internet.

Trai has finalised the draft rules over net neutrality on 30th of August, yet there seems to be no knowledge as of yet whether the telcos will benefit or the people.

In a country like India, where the internet of things has yet to make a print, the internet for all must be free and fair, the people must not pay for any content that is not favoured by their ISP. The ISP in India must look beyond profits and think about the exposure, knowledge, and the start-ups that are yet to spring in India. Internet of things can make Indian lives more comfortable and easier given the fact that there are series of issues that need to addressed for the architect of modern India.

With internet penetration increasing, the social utility of ICT may be in danger if consumers are asked to pay for anything that the Telco does not get a share from, and then the purpose of internet of things fails.

The American economy is way ahead of India to adapt to their measures, but as of now and for the future, the internet in India must be a Socialists’ tool to advance a utopian reality, unlike elsewhere. This might help the people to find exact opportunities to elevate their lives and moderate the costs involved in affording certain services like instant healthcare, education and more.

Trump's Diwali Package for India

With Justin Trudeau,

Justin Trudeau celebrating Diwali with Indian people in Canada.

the Prime Minister of Canada, wishing Indians a ‘Diwali Mubarak’, it is now the turn of the POTUS to woo the Indian community.

Celebrating his first Diwali at the White House, Donald Trump gave his greetings to Indians and appreciated that how Indian minds have contributed to business, education, science and business in the US.

Recently, Donald Trump in a tweet praised the Pakistani establishment for its efforts combating terrorism and aligning with the American establishment’s vision. This is after he rebuked the Pakistani establishment for not taking the war against terror with enthusiasm.

In a comment at the UN, America’s representative to the UN Nikki Hayley,

Nikki Hayley a the UN Conference

made roads for newer roles to be played by India in providing strategic regional partnership to the US. The main focus of the Americans remains the Afghan crisis which warrants a larger role to be played by India.

The American interests in geo-strategic partnership with India will take a new push with Adviser to the POTUS, Ivanka Trump, visiting India the next month.

The agenda doing the rounds between the two countries involves a deep engagement as it wishes to create stability in the Asian region. Pakistan though succumbed to the pressure of the US to reign its belligerent forces, yet there has not been much that Trump could take away.

The stress of the current relations between India and Pakistan remains a little tough than expected since Sharif has been put behind bars, the civil administration has been i suspended animation. The military is taking pot-shots at the government and the rogue ISI has taken advantage over the administrative rungs. The foreign policy of Pakistan is governed by the Pro-Pakistani blind creed which supports the Lashkar, and the Haqqani network. The possibilities of release of Jaish chief, Haafiz Saeed is another worry.

Pakistan sponsored terrorism is not only a worry for India, but it is making the Afghan Civil Government pay huge prices. Peace and stability in Afghanistan, where American troops are still deployed, demand a greater role by India which has helped Afghanistan in many ways.

The prospects of deepening involvement with the US for India are good, and there has to be a mutual role played by the two nations. While Americans cannot repose faith in Pakistan, they need a trusted ally to make their departure from Afghanistan easier. Further the rise of the dragon and its relations with Pakistan, intensifying, America will need a balanced and a stable ally.

This equation will have to be balanced and worked out, and all the political and economic factors be addressed if there has to coexist a working relationship between to countries.

Trump’s Diwali greetings are a signal towards the same step and we must not leave this to chance, while making most of each moment.