10 Soldiers Died by Philippines Bomb, Killed Their Own Soldiers in Friendly Fire


In an effort made to take back a Southern city seiged by fighters, Philippine Air force dropped a bomb on its own soldiers, resulted in the killing of 10 soldiers.

Apart from these 10 soldiers, seven others were wounded, when two air force SF-260 close air support planes dropped bomb on the target in Marawi city, told Delfin Lorenzana National Secretary of Defence of Philippine.

The jet was on a bombing run over militant when, one bomb hit the army troops locked in the close range combat with the extremists who have taken cover in building and houses, said Brigadier General Restituto Padilla. The first plane hit the target but other missed it.

 Philippines  Aircraft Firing

Later Lorenzana also said that, “it is very sad to be hitting our own troops”, there must be a mistake somewhere either someone directing from the ground or the pilot.”

Combination of Ground operations by soldiers and helicopter raids have been used by the army to eliminate Maute Rebel linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant group who have occupied parts of Marwai city from past eight days.

In an earlier text message send to reporters, regarding friendly fire incident  Lorenzana stated that, ” Sometimes that happens. Sometimes the fog of war. The coordination was not done properly so we hit our own people.”