35 killed in Bangladesh Due to Landslides


In a series of landslides and flashfloods triggered by torrential rains in southeastern Bangladesh at least 14 people were killed and over 35 others injured, officials said on Saturday.

In the past two days, the  unceasing rains caused by a virtually persistent low in the Bay of Bengal and resulting in the swelling of rivers that have also marooned thousands of people residing in hundreds of villages.

Bangladesh Landslides

Dozens of villages submerged in wasters  in western and northwestern districts delinking the road communication of the marooned areas with their administrative units.

Around seven people were buried under the  mud alive, while on Friday, Some were drowned in gushing waters from upstream and crushed under trees. This dangerous Mudslides in the region injured over 35 people.

They said, Cox Bazar’s scenic sea resort district and neighbouring Bandarban hill district were the worst scenes of the disaster. Today, The MeT office in a latest bulletin said,” Monsoon is active over Bangladesh and vigorous over North Bays, and also the low over Bangladesh and adjoining area persists.”

On the other hand Bangladesh warning centre and Flood Forecasting reported that the Ganges padma basin covering the northwestern and parts of central Bangladesh and rivers in south eastern hill basins are in rising trend.

Bangladesh Landslides

An eviction campaign launched by authorities dismantling dozens of shanties which is being built on hill slopes in the  Chittagong and relocated dozens of families to makeshift shelters in Cox’s Bazar. Next month, Experts feared a severe flood if rivers in all the major basins outburst their banks simultaneously.