AT Least 15 Died after Shoot out Between Warring Drugs Gang, Maxico Police


In a huge shootout between the police and the two rival drug gangs in the northern Mexico, at least 15 people were found dead, the authorities said.

Near the remote town of Las Varas, the pre dawn battle had started as a firefight between rival drug trafficking gangs and  escalated when police arrived there, said the Eduardo Esparza of the prosecutor’s office for the state of Chihuahua which is on the border of the United States.

The region is vigorously disputed territory for Mexico’s drug corporation because its proximity and mountainous terrain to the border make it a strategic corridor for shipping narcotics drugs to the United States of America.

The members of the analyser team  believed that rival drug gangs groups involved in the shootout were the armed wing of the Juarez cartel  which is ‘La Linea’ and the hitmen from the powerful Sinaloa cartel, Esparza said.

At least Fifteen people  were reported died and all of them were from the drug gangs and also the five more persons were arrested, the state police chief Oscar Aparicio told The Radio Formula.

In the series of life-threatening clashes between the  police and the two rival drug gangs and warring factions within the Sinaloa cartel, which has been in turmoil since its kingpin and in January, the Joaquin El Chapo Guzman  was extradited to the United States .

On Last Friday, Around 7 gunmen were killed in a spectacular shootout with the police on a highway in Sinaloa which is the northwestern state that is the Guzman cartel’s home base.

Also, May was considered as the deadliest month in Mexico since the government began keeping track in 1997 with 2186 homicides.