Australian Police Arrest Man, For Allegedly Supplying Gun In Deadly Siege


On Monday, the Australian police said that they have arrested a 25-year old man and charged with allegedly providing a firearm used as a part of a deadly attack in Melbourne a week ago to which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called an “act of terrorism”. In an official statement on their website, the Victoria police said that the accused faced the four charges, including having a firearm illegally and committing an offense while on bail. He was also set to appear in Court on June 14.

The harmful attack occurred on June 6 in Australia’s second-biggest city, with police shooting dead gunman Yacqub Khayre after he killed a man in the anteroom of the apartment block and held a lady hostage inside. PM Turnbull said that the police were responding the attack as “act of terrorism” after a claim by the Islamic State group that one of its fighters was the gunman responsible. Australia is a staunch partner of the United States and its activity against the Islamic State militant group in Syria and Iraq, is a high alarm for attacks by sympathizers of the radical group and from home-developed militants coming from battling in the Middle East.

The 2014 Lindt Café attack in Sydney where the hostage-taker and two individuals were murdered was Australia’s most brutal violence inspired by Islamic State militants. A few people were held hostage for over 17 hours in the café by a shooter who was out on bail after being charged with sexual assault and being an assistant to murder. Last month, in the investigation into the Lindt attack, found that the police failed to respond rapidly enough and a week ago New South Wales state head announced that police would be permitted to shoot suspects in “terrorist related” incidents even if the attacker does not represent an unavoidable danger. The Australia has likewise flagged an initiative to change parole laws accordingly of the Melbourne attack, including a restriction on parole for violent offenders who have any links to radicalism, as Khayre was out on bail for a brutal break-and-enter offense.