China Detains 35 Japanese National, for Alleged Phone Based Scam


The Japanese Foreign Ministry said that the Chinese authorities have detained 35 Japanese nationals in the south eastern province of Fujian for alleged fraud. That fraud was one of the worst scam cases of telephone mainly targeting the elderly.

A foreign ministry official who asked not to be identified told Reuters, ” we were informed that on July 3  the local authorities were notified that the Japanese consulate general in Guangzhou had taken 35 Japanese national into criminal custody on suspicion of fraud.”

As the investigation is being conducted by Chinese authorities the officials declined to give further details. The daily Nikkei business report said  that the Japanese nationals were accused for being involved in telephone scams that targeted mainly the  residents in Chiba prefecture in the eastern part of Tokyo.

This could be the largest Japanese telephone fraud group  that were found operating in China in terms of the number of people detained, the Nikkei said.

In recent years,The Nikkei said that many Such groups have been making calls from China to evade crackdowns by Japanese authorities.

The telephone based fraud mainly targeted senior citizens and is widespread in Japan. In such typical case an pretender calls by a senior person  who was pretending to be their child or grandchild and told them that he is in need of cash and asks them to transfer money to a bank account or give it to any friend or colleague.

The retarded Japanese nationals were alleged to play the role of callers in the fraud, the report said. Now, It said that it would be up to Chinese authorities to decide whether to hand them over to Japan.

Immediately, The Japanese police officials were not  available for comment.