China-India Dispute Regarding the Construction of Road in Chumbi Valley Region


Once again China and India’s relations have become turbulent due to the border dispute. However, this time there is a road in the root of the dispute, which China is trying to make in the ChumbiValley region , which is considered to be extremely important from a strategic perspective. This place is very important because it’s a tri-junctional area between India China and Bhutan. Experts believe that China is trying to build a road to take strategic edge in this area. India has stopped its efforts, due to which the Chinese army broke the Indian bunkers in that area and prevent Indian pilgrims going to Kailash Mansarovar from Nathu La pass.

Ashok Kanth, an Indian diplomat in China, said: “There is generally a favorable agreement between the two sides in the Sikkim sector, but there is some dispute about the area adjacent to India, China and Bhutan. There is a dispute between the two countries regarding the boundary of water division in this sector. What is worrisome is that in spite of the deteriorating situation in Dapkong and Demchok area in 2013, China, instead of finding a solution, China is pushing the dispute by creating trouble in the Kailash Mansarovar journey.

China is constantly taking advantage of Bhutan’s non-resistance. Because of this, intrusions in China’s Chumbi Valley are constantly increasing, which is worrying for India. Bhutan expects India to ensure its security. As far as India is concerned, in the Chumbi valley, it has a strategic edge according to the position. However, China wants to change this situation, that is why their amy is constantly engaged in trying to push India back in this area (Chumbi Valley). However, this is the first time that after the confrontation between the forces on the border, the Chinese government has taken diplomatic counter measures such as curbing Mansarovar Yatra.

An expert said, “India should not allow the construction of Chinese roads in the Chumbi valley. It is a part of Chinese extensionism, which is a threat to both India and Bhutan. Let us say that decades ago China had asked to leave a special place in Bhutan in this area, but the King of Bhutan denied to do so.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Wednesday, “India wants to make an issue about this part.” I would like to say that this part neither belongs to Bhutan nor to India. Therefore, we also have a legal basis for this. Road construction is legitimate from China and there is a general activity in this area. No other Country is supposed to interfere in this thing.