G20 Summit Live, PM Modi to Meet Slew of World Leaders Today


In an annual forum that sees the heads of state and government address issues relating to global economy, the international trade and the regulation of financial markets. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Germany for the G20 summit. The important members who are attending this summit include  Prime Minister Theresa May  from UK and  President Donald Trump from US and the Chinese President Xi Jinping. China in a statement said that there will be no bilateral meeting between  Chinese president and PM Modi.  However, all the leaders will be the part of a smaller session of BRICS  summit with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa countries. This year the summit  witnesses massive protests. However the Protesters say that the G20 summit  has failed to solve many of the issues  that are threatening world peace at present.

Today is the second and the final day of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany where world’s prominent leaders are  all set to discuss all the partnerships with Africa, migration, health, digitalisation, women’s empowerment and employment. While the first day of the summit saw some top level meetings between leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. On first day the major topic of discussion among them was terrorism.

Here are the live updates from G20 summit:         

2:17 pm:  On the sidelines of G-20 Summit in Hamburg Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Norwegian PM Erna Solberg.

1:49 pm : On the sidelines of G20 Summit  Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Italian Prime Minister  Paolo Gentiloni in Hamburg.

1:19 pm :  India and South Korea did  bilateral talks on the sidelines of G-20 Summit in Hamburg.

11:50 pm: Narendra Modi will have signed a bilateral agreement with South Korea at 12:50 pm, followed by a bilateral tie with Italy at 1:20 pm after 20 minutes. PM Modi will have meet with Mexico leaders and at 2 pm he will attend the third working session  Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health.

A bilateral tie with Argentina is scheduled and one with UK is at 4 pm. Later after 25 minutes the PM will meet with leaders from Vietnam and at 4:45 pm attend the fourth working session. Digitalization, women’s empowerment and employment. The concluding session will take place at 6:45 pm, with the Indian Prime Minister leaving for Delhi at 7:30 pm

11:44 am: US President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin  met and had a robust and lengthy exchange over the interference of Russia in  US elections and both of them  agreed on a new ceasefire agreement for Syria in their first meeting. Both of them met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg in which they  discussed about the war in Ukraine, the North Korean nuclear crisis and cyber security.

11:32 am: Narendra Modi  held  meetings with  Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and Canadian President Justin Trudeau, along with informal interactions with a number of world leaders of G20 Summit. He had a brief chat with all these top  leaders including Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron.  Modi also held an informal meetings with the Brazilian President Michel Temer and the South African President Jacob Zuma.  Also the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Modi   shook hands at the BRICS meeting and had a conversation on a range of issues.

11:29 am :  Narendra Modi’s action plan to counter terrorism: IT required a  disincentive action plan against the  countries supporting terrorism. The representatives of those countries should be banned from entering G20 nations. The List of suspected terrorists should be shared between G20 nations. The legal process for extradition of terrorists should be simplified  and a  Comprehensive convention on International terrorism should be adopted. The United Nations Security Council resolutions and many global proceedings should be implemented. The G20 nations should come together for  the combined efforts and exchange of best practices for deradicalisation programmes. The Terror funding sources and other media should be blocked. On the lines of Financial Action Task Force a Weapons and Explosive Action Task Force should be formed so that sources of  terrorists can be blocked. To monitor activities of terrorists  the G20 nations should cooperate on central cybersecurity, On counter terrorism, a mechanism on National Security Advisors  should be formed by G20 member nations.

11:25 am: PM  Modi spelled out a action plan on terror which include 10 point at the G20 summit, calling it the biggest challenge the world is facing today. Modi make the lead statement on the theme of terrorism at G20 leaders retreat. He said it is important to understand terrorism before adopting any measures to counter it. He said that  to achieve their political goals some nations are using terrorism as a state policy. He compared Pakistan based terror groups  Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad to ISIS and al-Qaeda.

11:14 am: On the first day of the G20 Summit in Hamburg all  leaders pledged to crackdown on terrorism and make efforts to eliminate terror free safe havens in different parts of the world. In a joint declaration on countering terrorism on the first day of the G20 Summit, world leaders resolved to facilitate swift and targeted exchanges of information between different departments to act against terrorists.

The rise in protectionism threatens gains from globalization, G20 leaders must speak in one voice to support a regime of openness. The Growth and development for all in India central to our pursuit of economic prosperity. We are ready to fight against black money and corruption. Hoping that G20 will assume leadership to act on all important issues.