If Pak Keep Supporting Terrorism, America Might Stop Funding Pak


The US House of Representatives has voted on three legislative amendments to tighten the conditions for providing defense funding to Pakistan, in which it has been laid that before giving financial assistance, Pakistan should show satisfactory progress in the fight against terrorism. These conditions pertain to the support of Pakistan to terrorism, for which many top US officials and MPs have been raising concerns constantly.

In the US, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of $ 651 billion in 2018 passed all the three legislative amendments passed by the lower house of Congress on Friday. The House passed it by 344 votes against 81. Before granting fund, Pakistan has to prove that Pakistan is maintaining security on Ground Lines of communication (GLOC) passed from this bill passed in the House. The GLOC is the way to connect military units with the supply route and transport of military equipment.

The defense minister has to prove that Pakistan is showing the commitment to stop the Haqqani network and should prevent North Waziristan from becoming a shelter and actively collaborate with the Government of Afghanistan to curb the activities of terrorists including the Haqqani network on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Two of the three amendments were presented by Congressman Dana Rohrabaker and one amendment by Ted Poe. In an amendment to the Poe passed by the House, it has been proposed that unless the Defense Minister confirms that Pakistan is not providing any military, financial help or equipment to any terrorist declared by the US, Financial help should be stopped.