India-China Showing Strong Leadership To Combat Climate Change


On Friday, the UN environment chief said that India and China are showing strong leadership to fight climate change and the decision by the US of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will not discourage these global efforts. While responding to the US President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US will withdraw from the determined climate agreement, the executive director of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) Erik Solheim said, “The science on climate change is perfectly clear: we need more action, not less. This is a global challenge. Every nation has a responsibility to act and to act now.”

“The US decision to leave Paris in no way brings an end to this unstoppable effort. China, India, the European Union and others are already showing strong leadership. 190 nations are showing strong determination to work with them to protect this and future generations,” Solheim added in a statement. Solheim also said that there is an implausible momentum on climate change from various nations, cities, the private sector and citizens, so a single political decision will not wreck its supreme effort. Requesting all the parties to redouble their efforts, Solheim said that UNEP would work with everyone who willing to make a difference. Solheim said, “Climate action is not a burden, but an unprecedented opportunity. Decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels will build more inclusive and robust economies. It will save millions of lives and slash the huge health care cost of pollution.”

Combat Climate Change

He also said that it also means protecting food security and building constancy to avoid adding yet more refugees to what is already an odd global humanitarian crisis. “Committing to climate action means helping countries like Iraq and Somalia on the front line of extremism and terrorism. It means helping coastal communities from Louisiana to the Solomon Islands,” Solheim added. He also highlighted that the Paris Agreement is established on clear evidence, solid science, and incredible international collaboration. Solheim added, “It will put aside differences to tackle a common, monumental challenge. The reversal of damage to the ozone layer proves that such a global effort can succeed. Ultimately, this is an investment in our own survival that no-one can afford to abandon.” The US President Donald Trump’s decision of withdrawing from the Paris climate accord drew strong reactions from the various neighborhoods.

India CHina Combat Climat Change

Through drawing out of the climate deal, the United States joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations that are not the part of this global climate agreement. The Members of the Elders, which is a group of independent leaders established by South African President Nelson Mandela, criticized the Trump’s decision by saying that US withdrawal does not mean the end of the Paris Agreement, and requested other members to continue to respect its provisions. The chair of the Elders and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said, “Climate change is the great existential threat of our time. The Paris Agreement was born out of effective multilateralism and a desire to find a cooperative solution to a global problem. No one country can dismantle the Agreement. While the US withdrawal weakens that international accord, it will not trigger its demise.”

The member of the group and former UN special envoy on climate change Mary Robinson said the US “breaking a promise on its promise to the Paris agreement delivers it a rogue state on the international stage. “But the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement will not stop climate action in the United States. We encourage all actors in the US working to tackle climate change to stand their ground, share the benefits of their work and to keep making their voices heard,” she added. The Democratic Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the foreign relations committee and environment and public works committee, Ed Markey, said through this decision, “Trump is breaking a promise to the world to combat climate change in order to keep an empty campaign promise to the coal industry.

“Withdrawal from the climate agreement is a betrayal of scientific fact, economic opportunity, and moral leadership. Turning our back on this agreement will be a disaster for America — for our businesses, for our health, and for our national security,” Markey added. Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord is a “giant step in the wrong decision” for the wellbeing of the planet and all living beings, said the League of Women Voters President Chris Carson. “Trump’s decision today will undermine global cooperation and have a harmful impact on US relations with our most trusted world allies. The long-term effects of this decision will make more people sick, especially children and the elderly,” Carson added.