ISIS Has Made Ramzan a Bloody One at Home and Abroad This Year


As its vice-like grip is slipping in Iran and Iraq from its grasp, the Islamic State group threatened to make the current year’s Ramzan a bloody one at home and abroad. With brutal attacks in Britain, Iran and Egypt among others and a land-grab in the Philippines, the Islamic State group is attempting to distract attention from its losses and win over supporters around the globe in the competition for Jihadi volunteers amid the Muslim holy month. The militants persisted that losing territory has just made harder to kill in their English magazine this week.

Siriya in Ramzan

From attacking the West to expanding in the Philippines, to targeting Shia powerhouse Iran, the attacks have started since Ramzan’s beginning on May 26, is something al-Qaida itself never gambled. The author and analyst of Jihadi groups, Assaf Moghadam said, “They can say here is something that al-Qaida has refrained from doing. From their perspective, it’s been a great Ramzan so far.” In any case, a powerful counter-message is developing in these days. By the time of fasting moreover also a period of high TV ratings in the Arab world, the telecommunications company Zain has released a commercial that starts with footage of a man creating a suicide bomb. Before the end, confronted with bloodied casualties and survivors of extremist attacks, the man lurches and fails in his main aim. “Let’s bomb delusion with the truth,” a man sings. This commercial has been watched for more than 6 million times on YouTube. It ends with “We will counter their attacks of hatred with songs of love”.


The attack on Iran marked a new platform for the Islamic State group, which had endangered the Shia-majority state constantly without really striking it. Killing 17 people, five Islamic State extremists battle-tested in strongholds Mosul and Raqqa at the same time targeted the nation’s parliament and shrine of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It shows more than any other Ramzan attacks that the bloodshed in Iran the group’s violent attempts to influence recruits it has the staying authority to preserve the lost of its two major strongholds.

The both radical Sunni groups, IS and al-Qaida, are fighting for recruits in the worldwide Jihad movement. On the other hand, the al-Qaida has never attacked Iran. The al-Qaida’s founder Osama Bin Laden had put the Persian state beyond reach, referring to and the nation’s role as a part of money and arms.

ISIS in Ramzan

Egyptians Attack

The covered Islamic State gunmen trapped a bus carrying Coptic Christians to a religious community south on May 26, killing 29 innocents on the eve of Ramzan (Muslim-holy month). The group has allocated out Egyptian Christians with fierceness, carrying out four attacks since December and cautioning of more to come.

London Bridge

Three men armed with knives furrowed a rented van into walkers on London Bridge, then sliced their way through the evening crowd at Borough Market on June 3, killing eight innocents. The accused believed to be the group’s ringleader, Khurram Butt, had also appeared in a documentary a year ago called as “The Jihadis Next Door” and his neighbors said that he was insisting youngsters join Islamic State. In Britain, it was the third attack in three months claimed by the extremists.

Philippines Attack

The Islamic militants in the Philippines lined up with the Islamic State group two weeks ago, attacked the southern lakeside city of Marawi, parts of which they possess till the present time, in a plot that they outlined in chilling point of interest on the back of a paper calendar. Among those at the table for the top secret meeting was the alleged leader of Islamic State group’s Southern Asia Branch, Isnilson Hapilon, who’s on Washington’s list of most-wanted terrorists and has $5 million rewards on his head.