More Than 35 Dead, After Gunman Set Fire In Casino Philippines


On friday, Thirty six peoples  were found  dead inside a casino in the Philippine capital,as a masked man burst in gaming room with an automatic rifle and set fire inside the room. But the authorities said, it was not a terrorist attack. Dozens of more peoples were  also injured in the attack as the crowd rushed to leave the Resorts World Manila, which is across a road from the Philippines international airport, after a masked gunman attacked with M4 assault rifle and started the fire at around midnight.

Gunman Bomber

Ronald dela Rosa, police chief said, that about five hours later, Gunman’s burnt body was found inside the complex in a hotel room. He said gunman did not take aim at any people and only fired at a television screen. Later the police reports found  36 bodies in the casino and died from inhaling toxic  smoke which is found on the carpet floor in the gaming room. Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde told reporters that the toxic smoke victims who suffered from suffocation went up to 36 in the room.

According to Dela Rosa, Initially,  gunman disappeared into the chaos of smoke and running people, leading to a manhunt through the complex that ended  after dawn when he was found dead in a hotel room. He said, ” the gunman lay down on the bed and covered himself with a thick blanket and poured petrol on the blanket and burned himself.” Fear of terrorism. There was an unconfirmed claim of responsibility from the Islamic State group before the gunman had been declared and police had confirmed any motive. Also the US President Donald Trump also declare  it as a terrorist attack.

Philippines Police

But he and Dela Rosa insisted it was most likely a robbery, saying the gunman did not shoot at any single person  and appeared to be intent just on stealing gambling. Dela Rosa said,” Now, we can’t say this as an act of terror because there did not happened any single element of threat,  violence or intimidation that leads to terrorism.” Dela Rosa said the gunman was acting alone and walked directly into the gaming rooms and fired at a large television screen with the rifles and then poured gasoline on gambling table and set it on fire. Then again, he fired at a stock room that contain gambling chips and filled a backpack with chips worth $2.3 million. 

But according to Dela Rosa, later the gunman went upstairs to the hotel section and left the room. The police said only 18 out of 54 injured people were in hospital and rest of others sustained only minor injuries. Screaming guest People recounted a terrifying ordeal when the shooting broke out, inside the casino. Maricel Navaro, an employee of Resorts World, told DZMM radio,” I was about to return from my break to second floor when, I saw people running. Some hotel guests said someone yelled the Islamic State group.

Philippines Bomb Blast

He said,” As, we smelled smoke we decided to go out in the carpark and we went out. But before we exited we heard two gunshots and thick smoke on the ground.” Relatives of people who caught inside casino, waited to hear news of their loved ones, Outside the complex.
Last week, Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine President imposed martial law across the southern region of Mindanao to crush that he said was a threat of IS. In Marawi, Security forces are still battling the militants and the clashes left at least 171 people dead.
Duterte said, he may need to declare martial law across the rest of the country if the terrorism threat spread.